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since 04.04.2000


One of BCMAG's resident comics (he job-shares with Simon), Adam is currently riding polishing a Yamaha Virago (or Virgo Intacta as he prefers).

Previously Adam was lowering the resale value on an FJ1200. It experienced a few petrol leaks, so be careful with your ciggies around it if you were unlucky enough to buy it.

Here's a snap of the old Beemer that Adam has been riding recently.

You can see from the picture that he is very proud of it!

This is Adam's old GPZ1100 injection (the one that wrote off Carters nice shiny XJR1300 by landing on it!)

This man is to be considered dangerous! Approach with caution (especially if you are female, or a sheep, or even worse, a female sheep!) Terminate on sight!

Take a look through the Sort-of-Xmas rally report to see how shy and retiring this guy is!

I suppose, strictly speaking, I should not be updating this site as Adam has not rejoined MAG this year. Still, he adds colour (I think that's the right word) to any gathering, and Rosie is lovely! They are now an official couple, by the way, and once he can get her drunk enough they will make it permanent (as visitors to the forum will know already). They still come out to play with us proper MAG members, on Hornets. Sorry, no pictures yet on the site.

They have also joined some of us in the Moonshiners MCC (how did he manage that!) the effect of which can be seen in Adam's latest acquisition (picture below). Long beard and pony tail to follow!!!

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