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since 04.04.2000

MAG Annual Group Conference.

13th April 2002

Words and pictures by Steve.

Photos taken by Western Region can be found here.

The Conference

I didn't take notes at the AGC, so you'll have to hassle your local rep for a copy of the minutes when they are published to find out all the ins and outs of what went on. The most important occurrence was that we got a new chairman/woman/person - Nicky Bassett-Powell.

However, the conference can be summed up as "5 hours of bickering, with almost nothing to do with MAG or motorbikes". The arguing and bickering didn't even have anything to do with the fact that the chair was being challenged for the first time in several years - it was nearly all based on animosity and vendettas that have built up over the last few years, between a few different groups within MAG.

Most of the time was spent debating/arguing motions that had been introduced by the different groups to score points against each other. The scary thing is that these motions, if passed, would have altered the Constitution of MAG - this is very wrong!

We can't afford to go through this crap every year. The AGC is expensive to run (both in cash and time), and we should use it to push MAG forward, not to extend petty disagreements between a few individuals. Most people who weren't part of the arguments seemed horrified by the amount of time wasted.

Let's hope next years conference is different.

On a more positive note, top marks to Western Region for organising a cracking venue. A lot of hard work was put into this event (both the conference and the Party afterwards), and it all ran very smoothly.

The Party

Back at the Winter Gardens after the conference for a cracking nights entertainment. We missed the warmup band and the comedian, but the main act was stunning - "Shamus Oblivion and the Mega-Death Morrismen". The concept was that "Shamus Oblivion" would crack out loads of stomping tunes, and the "Mega-Death Morrismen" (everyone on the dance floor, armed with painted broom handles!) would party as hard as they could. I have no idea what the lovely wooden ballroom floor looked like after this treatment, but it can't have been pretty!

Interestingly, I can't think of any other group of people who could get pissed, be handed a couple of dozen sharp sticks, and not end up in A&E!

Luckily, these two are from Scotland, so they can be forgiven.

Some wonderful person had provided huge party balloons to keep everyone entertained - it certainly worked with Nigel! (Yes, Nigel, it's very impressive, but should it be green?)

Beware this man if you see him at the bar - he radiates a "cloaking device" that prevents barstaff from noticing him or anyone standing near him!

Our new chair - snapped very late on the Saturday evening, and (we suspect) a little inebriated! Looking very calm and relaxed - obviously has no idea what she is in for!