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since 04.04.2000

MAG UK AGC Party 2006

Words and Pictures by Steve


This yearís AGC was hosted by West Midlands MAG in Bromsgrove. Iím sure youíll hear about the Conference in more detail elsewhere, so Iíll just summarize the main points:

a) Lots of healthy (and occasionally heated) discussion

b) Weíve got a new chair Ė Jane Chisholm of Yorkshire MAG fame.

All that democratic process gives a MAG member a mighty thirst, so it will be no shock to anyone that beer was involved that evening.

A large proportion of delegates had taken advantage of the free camping at Stoke Prior to join in the post-Conference festivities.

Music was provided by Celtic Pride who are great, as long as you like your music heavy, metallic & ear-bleedingly loud.

They seemed to entertain the crowd very well, and there was even dancing witnessed at some points.

Carl from Coventry MAG added a bit more musical variety with his disco, encouraging more outstanding dance-floor displays.

Iíve known Eddie Lowe(West Mids Rep) for at least six years now, and every year heís discussed hosting the AGC. This year we finally had enough active members to run the event properly, and everyone seemed suitably impressed with the results.

Eddie sends his thanks to everyone who made the event a success.

Steve - WMMAG