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since 04.04.2000

The Isle of Anglesey Motorcycle Show

22nd - 24th September 2000

150 miles on a Friday afternoon into the Northest bit of North Wales takes a bit of time! It was pitch black by the time we got on the rally field - helped by the road works all along the A5 from the bridge onto Anglesey right up to Hollyhead. We were pleasantly suprised by the site - it's an agricultural show ground, so tarmac roads through most of the site, and a couple of huge barns that housed the bike show and, more importantly, the bar!

Nigel made it to the site a few minutes after us (hour and three quarters, he reckons!), so we all fumbled around in the dark getting the tents pitched. We didn't get into the bar until about 10pm, so was very pleased when I asked what time the bar closed - "When you lot go to bed!" It was all very civilised, being able to have a wander around the bike show under cover, and being able to see your beer!

Grub! Funky Caravan - matches Olwyn's car! Ooo! Mountains! (apparently) Sexy Beemer Dirty XJR! Someone around here likes BMW combos Isn't he beautiful?

Saturday was gorgeously sunny, if a little windy, so after watching the stunt show we headed out for a ride around the island. Getting to Holyhead was painful - the A5 through Anglesey was built for bikes, but with all the road works, most places had a 40 mph limit on them. (And we always stick to speed limits, officer!) Holyhead was a bit weird - it was just about 5pm when we got there, and everything was closed! Perhaps Saturday is half day closing!

Took a more interesting (i.e. get lost, wander around) route back to the site. Anglesey roads are amazingly good fun on a bike. It doesn't matter what bike you're on, or how fast you're going - you can have a great ride and still get caught out by the frequent 90 degree bends they seem so fond of. These normally occurs after a few nice sweeping bends to get your confidence and speed up, then you get to test your brakes, big time!

Good advice! Trearddur Beach Carter masters technology! XBows and pissed bikers - nice mix! Ok, so I was cold! Nigel didn't bother with ALL his locks...

Back to the site, and time to start drinking. There were bands on in the main bar-barn, but you'll know from previous reports that I'm fairly indifferent to live music, so couldn't tell you who they were, or if they were any good. I can say they were all loud! Tin roof, concrete floor barns aren't the best accoustic venues!

There were some excellent shopping & food stalls. As well as the normal Hog Roast and burger vans, there was an excellent Indian Fast Food van, which Deb and myself have voted the best rally food we've found this year. Really tasty food, and reasonably priced - their details are on the links page if you want to get them to a rally. One word of warning - eating chicken tikka in pitta bread four times in less than 2 days gives you a bit of an arse on Sunday morning! Ooooooooo!

Deb and I also had a good chat with the people on the Wheatley Boots stall. They are a small business making (mainly) horse riding boots, who have started making bike boots. The stuff is all good quality, well priced, and they even do made-to-measure if you've got awkward feet like me and Deb. I've put their details on the links page if you want to check them out.

A cracking, laid back rally. I haven't seen any attendance figures for the rally yet, but it seemed reasonably busy, without getting crowded - no queuing for the bar! Proper indoor toilets as well - and we did spot some showers! This is the second Welsh MAG rally Deb and I have been to this year (see Builth Wells report), and so far we are both very impressed. Good venues and well executed - well done MAG-Cymru! See you next year at Builth.

My apologies to any of the organisers/marshalls who get to read this report. I had volunteered to help marshall this event some time ago, but with getting there late on Friday (and being generally crap), I forgot! I didn't remember until the early hours of Sunday morning when I overheard some of the marshalls talking about how overworked they were - at which point I skulked off back to my tent feeling very guilty. Well done to the people who's brain didn't fail them and who did marshall this event. If you still need help next year, it'll be very easy to guilt-trip me into it!