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since 04.04.2000

Anglesey 2006

Words, so far, by Wendy and Jules. Pictures by JJ, Wendy and Jules

Come on, the rest of you that went, I know you have pictures - and plenty to say! Add your names to this post.

O.K., so JJ cheated with this first picture of the BC Mag enclave (or is it ghetto?). He didn't stand on a very high stool, or even find a small hill on this side of the campsite. He and Jan took off on a helicopter which was offering flights over the island. It was actually very good value - about the same price as Cosford and other air shows, but lasted a lot longer. Gary and I chickened out/had better things to do (delete as appropriate).

The third picture shows Jan/Gary's and Pete/Gina's tents. More importantly, it also shows the bluebird (sorry, blackbird - but it's blue!)that Gary is presently thraiping (sorry, riding) while his own is valeted (put back together).

Ok, the showground is large (it is, after all, a national one) and there was plenty of room to have a separate field for bikes and trikes only - which we chose. There were also areas for cars and tents, cars and caravans and campervans. That, for me, was its only plus as far as facilities are concerned. The toilet block could certainly do with a makeover. For most of the weekend it was outshone by the portaloos, which were cleaned out and washed down each morning. The screams from the gents' showers were apparently due to the fact that the water in there was freezing!

The one area that was outstanding was the marshalling. (The two pictured here belong to us - congratulations, John and Jules). We had been warned in the literature to wear our wristbands at all times as the marshals would be checking - and they did. Security was very good (although trying to show the band, hidden by jackets and gloves, at least 3 times between the entrance and your tent as you ride back in, was not easy!)

One idiot and friends thought it was funny to do handbreak turns in their car amongst the tents, trikes and bikes in our field: the marshals soon sent them packing. Also, the usual complaints were made about kids and small bikes buzzing around unaccompanied, endangering themselves and others. Our (Marshal) John told us of his solution, which we thought was excellent - to set aside a separate area where the kids (supervised by parents) could have their own races/rides/activities. I don't know whether he told the organisers as well, but this is exactly what was put in place; result - the kids had a wonderful (safe) time, and no more complaints from the rest of us.

On Sunday we had welcome visitors - simon and Mick popped over to see us, and another friend of Mick's who was at the other end of our field. They were able to help us chill out (you will be pleased to know that we didn't all go to work - apart from the effort needed to walk over to the stalls and the bar, and then lift pints, of course).

Thought I had better introduce the smallest member of our group, shown in the picture above, chilling out with the rest. Luby made the journey across to Anglesey zipped into the front of Gina's jacket (on the pillion), without a single complaint, but when Gina and Jan saw this baby carrier at the car boot they thought it would be ideal for the colder weather. Luby attracted so much attention from the young ladies at the rally, that our fellas were queueing up to take her for a walk.

All right, I know, it was a bike show - so here are some of the bikes that were on show. JJ is looking thoughtful - could this be a future purchase? This trike would certainly take the grandson, and maybe even a Rottweiler or two. I loved the renovation shown on the right, and the owner was called up on stage during the prize-giving - did anyone hear whether it won its class? Take note, fellas - this was a project that actually got completed (not a black country mag member, then)! Sorry, Adam - forgot your war machine.

Destiny cycles had three bikes in the show, in a roped off section all to themselves. The first bike, in particular, was very ornate (enough to give you nightmares!).


"Look who I spotted, the very talented Vic Jeffries (Mr Destiny Cycles) ooooooh"... this comment, together with the pictures, was sent by Jules. Now she is being photographed with celebrities, she won't want to talk to the rest of us! Congratulations on spotting him Jules, and thanks for the pictures and info.

The other two bikes put in by Destiny Cycles.

OK, I'm getting tired of this now (I'm only a trainee you know) and JJ will be wanting his tea. The rest of the pictures from the bike show follow.

Only further comments - plenty to see on the island for a weekend (pictures of RAF Valley and the ferry terminal at Holyhead are below), 2 out of 3 groups each night were pretty average (at best), the DJ was superb, the food was on the whole over-priced and nowhere near the quality we have enjoyed at other rallies, the car boot on Sunday was excellent and their food van was higher quality and lower prices than at the rally (a fact we passed on to all the other rally-goers we came in contact with).

Finally, (really!), we met some lovely people there from bike groups all over the country and picked up invites to a few more rallies!

Stop Press. It has been brought to our attention that the lovely Rose is upset at losing her title of 'the smallest member,' to the furry Luby. Never mind, Rose, from what we hear you will shortly be the 'fastest small member', and there is no way that Luby will be able to take that title from you - not even with a skateboard! Good luck on the new bike - you will soon be flying with the best of them (and JohnADV can give you the tow rope he so kindly offered JJ!).

Well, I had not got round to taking the 'work in progress' label off the Rally Reports page, and it looks like it was just as well. Have a couple more pics here that Jules e-mailed me a while back. There are more, but I'm afraid these are all i have had time for so far, Jules, and I must put a few words on about the NABD, before we have BFTD5 as well!

The first shows John and Rose, enjoying one drink (if you believe that ....) and some loud music. The short, and the tall ....

'Curly, Larry & Mo - ooops! I mean't John, Neil & Mick'. These words are Jules' own, but I can see her point ...