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since 04.04.2000

The Isle of Anglesey Motorcycle Show - Stunt Thing!

22nd - 24th September 2000

In my usual professional reporting manner, I don't know who the stunt rider was who performed on the Saturday afternoon! (Sorry, but I didn't get to see a programme - if anyone knows, get in touch so I can credit him properly.)

We only caught the one stunt show on the Saturday, coz we were itching to get out for a ride around Anglesey. However, this event we did see was definitely worth watching. A very unusual setting for the stunts, as they were done on the strip between the food vans - about 20 feet wide, with spectators all around. It meant you could definitely get close to the action and appreciate the tricks better. You also got covered in smoke and bits of tyre!

After the usual stoppies, wheelies and skids, the rider put 1 and then 2 pillions on the back of the bike, and did it all over again. He then got some brave (psycho!) pillion to sit backwards on the pillion seat, and spent a good few minutes popping more wheelies and stoppies! Unfortunately, I missed getting a picture of the pillions face (Nigels head kept getting in the way!), but he looked in serious pain after each stoppie! (Hope he wore a cricket box!)

I dont think this is legal... This will hurt when they land! Go on, wheelie it! Here's a man... ...who obviously... ... doesn't pay for... ...his own tyres! New Tyre please!

The rider then kidnapped a very small child and has a very gentle ride around the area - personally, the temptation to pull a stonking wheelie would have been too much for me at this point! (Hey, the kid's got a nappy on - what's the problem?)

After returning the sprog in one piece, it was "Kill The Back Tyre" time. A series of burnouts (rolling and stationary) and donuts followed, with choking smoke and bits of hot rubber provided for the audience! The rider managed to explode the rear tyre, then carry on riding around and doing more burnouts with the scraps that were left.

Excellent display, made better by how close the crowd could get to the action. Our best wishes go to the reverse pillion passenger - we hope the wedding tackle recovers soon!

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