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Members Bikes.

Baggie Dave (a.k.a. Tortoise Dave)

All members are invited to write something about themselves or their bikes for their members page. If this doesn't happen, the webmaster reserves the right to make stuff up (you've been warned!)

Glad to see someone else in BCMAG has realised the superiority of german motorcycles!

I've known this bloke for a few years now (hence the collection of photos at the bottom of the page) and he's recently caught up with me at BCMAG. Due to the enormous collection of Daves I know, he used to be refered to as "Wednesbury Dave". He's since moved to West Brom, so Deb has re-christened him as "Baggie Dave" - some football reference that is beyond me, but it seems to suit him.

A word of warning: The "Tortoise" nickname refers to his strangely shaped tent, not to his riding style. Do not try to take this guy down twisty lanes - he's a complete psycho! Dave is single handedly destroying the reputation of beemer riders as sensible and slow (good man!)

A while ago Dave got thrown off his previous bike when the front brake decided to seize (poor maintenance - bad boy!) Below you can see some of the pictures he sent of the aftermath. He's still trying to find a way to scan the X-ray, but as soon as he works it out, I'll post a copy here.

There is nothing wrong with this photo - it's Dave who was a bit blurred at the time!

The Shrine of Daves Hand

Dave and his previous Bikes

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