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since 04.04.2000

BC MAG's 3rd Birthday Bash.

The 3rd BCMAG Birthday Bash started on the 20th May, in what the weather men described as 'showers'. It was, in fact, one big mother of a shower - starting about 2pm, and finishing about 2am Sunday morning!!

Despite the weather, 25 brave souls trekked out to Stanford Bridge, and set up camp in very soggy field. The MAG tea/coffee tent was very popular, until 6:30pm, when the pub opened!

After drying out in the pub, a good evening was had by all. The pub served very good food, and lots of beer! The Landlord was very pleased (especially after he counted his bar-takings!), and has invited us to come back whenever we like.

Sunday morning stayed sunny long enough to dry the tents, and the pub was open again at 12pm for a much needed hang-over cure - 2 pints of coke and a ham sandwich!

Click on the photo's below for full size pictures

Rainy Saturday at the Birthday Bash

Yes, it rained a bit on Saturday! Soggy bikers huddling in the Tea Tent.
Attempts were made to placate the Rain God by sacrifical offerings! More people arrive to join in the soggy fun!
Ok, so I'm late - I blame Nigel! It's a good job tents are waterproof.
... and it rained a bit more! Next time, we need a bigger tea tent!
Dedicated bikers sacrifice valuable pub-time to wait for late arrivals. Was it something we said?

A Sober Evening In The Pub!

Look, everyone, we've found a pub! Bucka, looking strangely pleased with himself (I thinks he's had a beer or two!)
Sharon displaying the club mascot, Dhana. Chris and Ishy, my dodgy Southern friends, get into the spirit of the occasion.
Simon looking a bit squiffy (I think he'd had about 3 pints by this time!) Good Grief, this beer's good stuff!
Dave displays one of his many raffle wins. Dave displays even more!
Landlord and barman looking very happy - they've just counted the bar takings! Corbett buying a drink - Tony assures me this may be a first!
You can tell Bod's getting ready to dance to the wonderful tunes being played! Look, 'shiners and beer - how often do you witness that?
Wey hey! Looks like Nigels pulled again! Tony demonstrating his world-famous churchill impersonation - uncanny!
Is it getting smokey in here, or is that the flash glaring off the top of my head? No, it's definitely getting smokey! Either that, or Tony's spilt his beer over the camera!
Yesh, ociffer, I may have had one or two little drinkies!

Sunday, and Sun at last!

Bod's dog-kennel (sorry, caravan!) in all it's glory, including an awning! The shiners managed to camp nearest to the teatent and the Pub!
Posh Southerners... ... just have to bring their own sofa with them!
These Southern motorcyles are very strange! As usual, the male Greens stand around, while Sharon gets to do the work!

You can read Bod's write-up on the Moonshiners site.