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since 04.04.2000


2nd February 2004

Minutes by Steve


2nd February 2004 at the Park Inn.


  • Steve Peake 80274
  • Eddie Lowe 61966
  • Pauline Foster 117121
  • Nigel Carter 65965
  • Simon Green 92565
  • Dave Madden 116755
  • Jill Biddle 15401
  • Rodney Biddle 15401
  • Warren Middleton 104970
  • Phil Caffull guest
  • Ade Tobin 93246
  • Ade Corbett 118314
  • Carl Adkins 118224
  • Peter Prime 111526
  • Tim Allen 115711

Meeting Chair:

  • Eddie Lowe

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

  • Matters arising: none (as no one had brought copies of the last minutes)

Election of Local Rep:

  • Nigel Carter [65965]
    Proposed S Green[92565]
    Seconded D Madden [116755]

Other Officers:

  • Deputy Rep:
    M Norris [104150]
    Prop S Peake [80274]
    Sec S Green [92565]
  • Treasurer:
    S Green [92565]
    Prop N Carter [65965]
    Sec P Foster [117121]
  • Political Officer:
    position vacant
  • Liaison Officer: D Madden [116755]
    Prop: P Foster [117121]
    Second: Ade Corbett [118314]
  • Website Manager: S Peake [80274]
    Prop: P Foster [117121]
    Sec: N Carter [65965]

Reps Report

  • 600 donated to West Midlands Region in the last 12 months. Good attendance by BCMAG at regional meetings/events.

Officers Reports:

  • Treasurers report:
    Unfortunately, the account records were lost when the treasurer's computer was repaired. These are being reconstructed from bank statements.
    We are currently solvent, by a whole tenner!
  • Website manager report:
    SP acknowledged that the website has been neglected for the last 6 months. Once SP stands down from regional secretary post in March, more time will be devoted to it.
    As always, material for the website is required - any photo's or articles will be appreciated.
  • Liaison Officer:
    DM acknowledged the help with this year's blagging from Phil Poyner.
    DM also asked for fliers posters and memberships forms to distribute to dealers.

Ideas for patch/logo design:

  • Suggestions made - examples to be brought to a later meeting.

BCMAG Rally:

  • We will be staging another summer rally around the end of May. Date and venue to be decided very soon.


  • Sat 3rd April at the Gala Theatre, Durham. Support would be appreciated. Anyone requiring more information please get in touch.

West Midlands Regional Meetings:

  • BCMAG support has been excellent at these - well done and please keep it up.

West Midlands Regional AGM:

  • 6th March at the Park Inn, from 1pm

Fred Hill Day:

  • Sunday 8/2/2004
    Ride in to the National Motorcycle Museum. Meet there at 2pm.
    BCMAG will leave the Park Inn at 12:30pm

Easter Egg Run:

  • Probably to be held weekend after Easter. More details at Regional Meetings.

Heart Of England Rally:

  • 2/7/2004 at Stoke Prior
  • Volunteers always needed.
  • Entertainment already booked:
    • Beholder - Friday
    • Strangers - Saturday
    • Disco both nights.
  • Publicity needs to improve this year - more volunteers required to distribute fliers.
  • Brum Demo:
    Ideas needed for destination/purpose


  • Trails riders campaign was discussed at length.
    Although this doesn't directly affect most of us, it should be viewed as the "thin end of the wedge" - any ill-thought-out bike legislation is a direct threat to us all.
    Action Pack included with these minutes - please find time to write a letter.
    If you need to find out who your MP is, try: or contact the regional secretary

Next AGM

  • provisionally set for 31/1/2005

Meeting Close

  • Thanks to everyone for attending.