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since 04.04.2000

BCMAG's Back From The Dead Rally

14th - 16th May 2002

Words and pictures by Steve.

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The Trophies

Everyone had better be impressed with the quality of these trophies - Deb and I sweated blood (and suffered many splinters) to get these made. Not bad considering we only started the Sunday before the rally, and have absolutely zero wood-working skills between us!

Bike Awards

Best Custom

1st: Dude (Suzuki 400)
2nd: Pope (CX500)
3rd: Pongo (Harley)

Best European

1st: Steve (Triumph Bonneville)
2nd: Baggy Dave (BMW K75)
3rd: Dan (Speed Triple)

Best Non-European

1st: Mark (GS850)
2nd: Clare (GS1100G)
3rd: Mick (Matt Black Suzuki - GSX?)

Best Rat

1st: Bruce (Norton)
2nd: Wayne (Guzzi)
3rd: Clare (Superdream)

Best Trike

1st: Roy (Metro engine)
2nd: Sam (Reliant engine)
3rd: Bod (VW engined tiger trike)

Other Awards

Distance Travelled - Female

1st: Diane (Burton)
2nd: Clare (BCMAG)
3rd: Lara (Shatterford)

Distance Travelled - Male

1st: Andy (Ribcrackers)
2nd: Simon (Ribcrackers)
3rd: Mark Stamp (Reading)

Club / Group Turnout

1st: Moonshiners
2nd: Ribcrackers
3rd: Shatterford

Fair Cop Award

Presented to Simon, for getting Gatso'd on a road that he has travelled every day for the last six years - the camera's have been there for the last 5!

"Special" Award - 2 short planks

Presented to Sam (Moonshiners) for a recent encounter with some nettles during a toilet break.

Carters Choice

Presented to Gordons BSA/Reliant "hybrid"(it's more polite than saying "bastard-offspring"!) combo

Special Presentations

Two special awards were presented to members of BCMAG who have put there exceptional talents to work for us.

The first was to Nel for producing the artwork for the rally - a top job that has reproduced perfectly on fliers, posters and patches.

The second was to Dave "Madone" Madden, for his exceptional blagging abilities. On our last four rallies, Dave's efforts in collecting raffle prizes have made the difference between profit and loss, and on this rally managed to double our profits. He managed to collect so many decent quality prizes that some have been passed up to the Region to be used at the Heart Of England rally. Top bloke, money in the bank.

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