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since 04.04.2000

BCMAG's "Back From The Dead 3"

21st - 23rd May 2004

Words and pictures by Vic, other pictures by Steve and Adam.

The Friday started well enough - I'd got the bike loaded up and finished my coffee before stepping out to start the 6 miles or so down to the Park Gate Inn. Then the heavens opened, so it was back indoors to put on my waterproofs and have another coffee. That sort of set the tone for the weekend, take everything as it comes and have a coffee.

The ride down to the site was hair raising to say the least. After the relatively nice weather the rain made the roads into a skating ring. Once or twice the front end tried to brake away but fortunately I managed, more through luck than judgement, to hold on. I found the site easily enough; it was well signposted even from the motorway junction, and the pub itself is set in some magnificent countryside.

The camping field was at the very back of the pubs land, set well away from the pub and it's garden, which included a bar in the marquee and was separated by a high hedgerow, making it very relaxing and well laid out.

When I arrived at about midday only the first few had arrived so I helped set up the control tent next to the driveway into the field and volunteered to man it whilst everyone set up their own stuff and organise the electricity for the tea urn.

The weather started to ease off with only a few showers trying their best to break through and as more and more people arrived the site began to fill up nicely. The pre-gate ticket sales had been encouraging and eventually around 50 people arrived making it a nice cosy little rally.

The pub had laid on a band for the Friday night, a 60's and 70's night that by all rumours the next day went down rather well, although I didn't get to see them myself. Another feature was the BBQ laid on both Friday and Saturday with everything going for 1 including the obligatory veggie burgers et al.

The Saturday was a lovely bright and warm day and a lot of the rally goers decided on a walk through the neighbouring field to a local pub before returning later on in the afternoon. The BBQ again looked popular and the raffle was drawn before lighting the bonfire to end a very relaxing and sociable day.

The only fly in the ointment for me was locking my keys in the car (I had to return in the car on the Saturday because of bringing a passenger), which proved rather a pain until Steve volunteered to go, and get my spare set (thanks again). Apart from that it had been a very enjoyable, relaxing weekend with everyone saying how they had enjoyed it and looked forward to the next one. There was a grumble about how the pub had raised it's prices especially for us and I find that most pubs tend to do the same which is very annoying.

All in all a successful and enjoyable weekend, so congratulations to the Black Country M.A.G and here's to next year.

Competition Time

Does anyone have any idea in what environment Carter's trousers would act as camoflage?

Answers on a post card to the usual address: Funky Trouser House, Tipton Toilets, West Midlands.

Foreign Visitors

Longest Distance award (otherwise known as the "You came HOW FAR for a pint?" trophy) was claimed by Jamie and Jake, who travelled around 320 miles down from Scotland, just to sit in a field with some nutters.

Serves them right - if they're going to take advice from Chris, they deserve everything they get.

Random images

Everyone shown in the photos either has a bad hangover, or is working on getting a bad hangover. (except the cows, who were tea-total and very dull)

A picture is worth a thousand words..

...unfortunately, this one is just "WEIRDO", repeated a thousand times.


Although attendance was well down on last year, we had nearly 50 people through the gate, and made over 300 profit for MAG, so not a bad result for everyone's hard work.

Thank you to...

a full list will be posted here as soon as I get it.