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since 04.04.2000

Back From The Dead 4

30th September - 2nd October 2005

Eighty people in October? Despite absolutely torrential rain on the Friday? Why?

Seems like people must like our BFTD rallies, as they keep coming back for more (obviously gluttons for punishment). This year saw us back at the Park Gate Inn again, which is under new management but just as helpful. With a shocking amount of bodies on site (nearly double the numbers of last year's May rally - go figure), there was obviously a lot of...


Of course there was drinking - goes without saying really, but it does always provide lots of photo opportunities.


Paul turned up and entertained the crowd for hours - he started his sound check about 6:30, and never stopped playing. Everyone seemed to get into it (see "...dancing" below), and even some of the bar staff were spotted dancing at one point. Top marks for a cracking evenings entertainment. Paul's contact details are:
Paul Snook
147b Corve Street

One small constructive criticism - Paul, you need to learn some ABBA, just to shut the buggers up when they start making daft requests!


Yes, actual honest-to-goodness dancing. Not good dancing, before you get too excited, but dancing all the same.
Some people were too lazy/pissed/delete as applicable to stand up to dance, but still managed to join in (oh, the shame of it all!)


I have no idea why, but BCMAG rallies always involve someone getting body parts out - shockingly it wasn't Adam this time.
A pair of tits, plus Kirsty with her top off.
I don't remember taking these photos, so have no idea who this is - answers on a postcard to the usual address.


I'm sure Bod will probably point out that this is a Eukelele, not a Banjo, but "Bod was strumming his banjo in the Control Tent" has far more comedy value in it!

...other stuff I can't think of a general title for

The Official Black Country MAG Greeter, making everyone feel welcome.
Chris is enjoying this far too much - stop it, down boy!
I'm a bit worried about John, he looks a little stressed (or maybe having a nap!)

Stuff we forgot...

As the rally was so well attended, we just didn't have space for a bonfire - it would have been far too exciting with all that flammable nylon around.

The pub was intending to lay on a BBQ, but was so swamped with orders in the pub for food (and the occasional beer) that this never happened. Apologies for this - next year we'll get organised and run the BBQ ourselves.

The raffle never materialised. Although we had some great stuff donated, after one charity collection and a whipround for the singer, we felt there would be a distinct lack of loose change left, so decided to leave it. The raffle prizes will be used at another WMMAG event in the near future.

Apologies for these ommissions - we hope everyone still enjoyed themselves, and will make sure we do better next year.


Obviously, thanks go to the staff at the Park Gate Inn, who worked their collective ass off. Thanks also to all the mad buggers who will come and camp on a rainy October weekend, just for the chance to be photographed doing something embarrassing - you're all stars. From this weekend, we've raised just under 600 for MAG - well done everyone.

...and finally

One of many "Where's Wally?" moments from Saturday night.