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since 04.04.2000

Back from the Dead 5

Photos received (so far) from Jules, Adam (Kirsty's),Alec, Jan and my own.

Words from Jules, reports from Kirsty and Adam (Onzlow) plus some of my own.

Comments from the intrepid fire-jugglers!

This was our rally - it would be nice if it were also our report. There were enough of you there, so if you have any comments, criticisms, observations, humorous stories etc to include in the rally report, please e-mail them to me asap emailme. It does not have to be an essay - in fact, it will be more interesting if it is a lot of individual comments. Look forward to reading them .....

In the meantime, here is the start of our story, using the words and photos sent to me by the people mentioned above. Thanks to them for getting us started ....

A great weekend was had by all at the rally, even the often heavy torrential downpours didn't put people off. Everyone was really relaxed and enjoyed themselves.

The pub laid on some good food that was good value, although the breakfast tables weren't that busy on either morning. Which gave us more hung over ones the chance to slump and fart more.

Me and Rose quite enjoyed the jungle trek across the field in the dark in the attempt to sell more raffle tickets, with Rose enjoying half a tree finding its way up her skirt as we trampled across the grass.

The control tent was the place to be when the pub was closed, with everyone telling stories from past rallies or talking of all the drugs they were taking - although with all us cripples it was only prescription drugs, but they work just as good.

Paul was excellent on the Saturday night as usual, and I as well as many others enjoyed having a dance and a sing. The competition between me and Rose to give Jan the biggest love bite on her breasts was unfair as Rose decided to head butt me at the start, but I think Gary enjoyed the show. Thank you to everyone for an excellent weekend.


As Kirsty said, the weather did not put people off - but the state of the rally field did, rather (see the pictures at the start of this report). The long grass became very slippy as the rain began, and some rally=goers on 2 wheels moved onto the shorter grass around the control tent as their bikes were in danger of toppling over. The one compensation - the rain stopped, on Friday evening, in time for us to enjoy a lovely sunset.

I was described as a sad b****** by my 'friends' and fellow rally-goers, when they saw me taking a picture of the control tent. No, I am not trying to copy the official MAG tent-spotter, but this tent is the heart of our rally and has been for a number of years.

As Kirsty says, it is the gathering point when the pub closes (Bod providing the musical entertainment in the early hours of Saturday).

It is our first point of contact with fellow revellers, and is home to an urn of hot water and everything needed to make cups of tea or coffee; a lifeline to bleary-eyed, hung-over campers!

A number of us camped around it, and on a dry Saturday afternoon we chilled out next to it and chatted to friends who had come over for the day. (Some of them had bought tickets, but been unable to join us for the whole weekend).

Saturday provided us with a rally riddle : When is a dream not a dream?

Answer : When it is Dave's superdream - complete with new engine.

It was nice to see him on two wheels again - and now accompanied by his affianced, Ann.

At the end of their visit they rode off into the sunset, with not a towrope in sight! Non-believers please note!

The pictures that followed Kirsty's report were taken on Friday night, a very sedate crew! The ones that follow were taken on Saturday night by various members. The same rally-goers, the same pub and the same beer. The only difference, as far as I can remember, was that we had been joined by singer Paul and our former web-master, Steve, and his wife Debs.

Could it be that their presence is to blame for the following scenes? Spot Adam with his hands full (or, as Jules put it - photographic evidence of Adam feeling a right tit!), and John showing us what he wears under his shirt (Jules: Oh dear, John's had a drink!). Kirsty seems to have gone one better than Eve (2 Adams)

Is it the three stooges - or three out of the four Johns? (The three Simons were notable by their absence!).

I have also received a report, now, from Adam (Onzlow). In fact, the report came through to my e-mail a couple of weeks ago, but I have had one problem after another in that time with my landline and my internet connection. Even now, the gremlins are attacking my link to the West Mids website, so I am typing this in and saving it. The rest of you may have to wait awhile before sharing these pearls of wisdom from Adam.

BFTD5 report: Problems: the grass was not cut before-hand, so a lot of bikers struggled in wet slippy conditions.

The pub shut for a few hours after breakfast, so it was outside bogs only.

OK, back to the good stuff!

On arrival, we arrived - until Sunday, when we departed. The bit in the middle is a bit of a blur, so I'm not even sure it really happened at all.

All my usual favourite pets and celebrates were there : bulldog bod, Jan the pug, crash test Gary (the equivalent to dangerous Brian on a bike), Jules - the first living brain donor, john"I've had my bike for more than a week" elgerton, john 'n rose (who we don't like to talk about in case of alquieda backlashes), Kirsty.....etc etc. Oh, yes, and uncle Albert. I will stop waffling as my hangover today is reeeeeeel bad.

The rally report.

It was a good rally, or so I was told. Beer flowed, brain cells died, livers swole, legs buckled, bums backfired, suffered repetitive strain injury from lifting those heavy pints, and due to the cold weather my big end turned into a little end and the bearing fell off. Still, it's always a good opportunity to grope and insult all mag members in one go ..well worth a fiver. As usual, a fantastic time with a selection of great people who all have a wicked sense of humour. Special thanks to Uncle Albert for not throwing stones at me. Thanks to Kirsty for letting me play doctors and nurses, and a great big thank you to the other Adam for not punching my head in, for my disgraceful behaviour. Can't wait to see you all again, doods. Oh, yes, and well done to all who made it happen as on a scale of 1 to 10 it scored a 12!

Some of these images have been supplied by the fire-jugglers themselves; the following comments have also come from them!

I believe my comments at the time were :

"Ahhhh bloody hell thats hot! Quick keep it away from me. ohh no its coming back. Where has all my arm hair gone?" Or something like that!

Adam has shared this touch of atmosphere and realism with us. Does it tempt anyone else out there to learn the skill?

I think my comment was "bloody hell I cant believe I haven't burnt myself". Especially because of how mush I'd had to drink - didn't tell him that on the night!

These words come from our own, intrepid Kirsty. Several members were amazed at how much she has mastered in a short while, and have commented on how much they enjoyed the display. Thanks a lot to all involved in putting the show on for us.