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since 04.04.2000


All members are invited to write something about themselves or their bikes for their members page. If this doesn't happen, the webmaster reserves the right to make stuff up (you've been warned!)

This is Bod's trike, towing what has been described as his "2-wheeled dog kennel". I'm at a loss to write anything else about this - the picture says it all!

The B.R.U.B. (Big Red Ugly Bike)

This is Bod's "Tart's Handbag" (his words, not mine - it reminds me more of a beautifully enamelled biscuit tin I once owned). Bod occasionally appears on an Enfield, and there is another trike on it's way at the moment, but I'm lacking photographic evidence at the moment.


Latest Addition

You know, I'm getting the idea that Bod likes trikes...

This is a very strange man!

You know, looking through the membersbikes pages today (13.05.07) I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that although most of them are out of date to some extent, this one is virtually prehistoric!!! Never mind, in scrolling through the forum today I came across this picture again. The B31 that Bod has lovingly returned to the road. He has had a number of 'projects' on the go, but this one now appears to be finished. What will be next ? Perhaps you will let me have pictures of some of the other bikes that still don't appear on this page, Bod.

Bod is also rally sec for the Moonshiners MCC.

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