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since 04.04.2000

Big Breakfast Run 2006

Words and Pictures by Wendy

A run-out was organised by Gary for local members. Six bikes, 8 members met at the Spider's Web cafe, Cosford, in the end - where were the rest of you? We travelled the rest of the way to the meeting place by the Raven, together (well, more or less. traffic lights and islands permitting! Thanks for waiting for us, fellas).Apart from Gary, John and myself, the other early riders were Nigel and Pauline, Jan and Barry and Gary's Jan.

Gary's latest Guzzi. Nice one, Gary - well worth the journey to Bournemouth and back, in spite of the weather at the time. Hang on a minute - was this the reason for the Club run-out today? To show it off?

A few others came along as well - this is just one section of the car park, we hadn't got a wide enough lens to get everyone on. Two cafes, an outdoor drinks tent and hundreds of bikes - and they still spotted Paul's trike and Paul himself, so he joined us for breakfast. (Remember Paul - the singer at 'Back from the Dead 4', and more recently the Moonshiner's Rally).

Just one of the many classic velocettes we spotted on the car parks.

Black Bess, a classic Moto Guzzi belonging to a member of Lone Wolf MCC.

Good company, a nice round trip of 115 miles (including a detour to the cafe at Quatford on the way back) and dry spells in between the showers. Thanks for setting it up Gary. PS Anyone got any ideas for the next ride out?