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since 04.04.2000

The Brum Demo.

7th July 2001

You can see the Heart Of England Rally report here.

Despite the crappy weather (as usual!), the Brum Demo managed to pull in a fair number of bikes again this year (current estimates range from 300 up to "around a thousand", depending on who we are talking to!) About 20 minutes to go, and we were thinking we might get away dry, it thrashed down with rain. Everyone got nicely soaked, but the rain did stop just as we began the run.

The run made it's way through Birmingham fairly smoothly - all the more amazing as the police weren't involved this year. The bike coppers who usually get involved still wanted to do it, but haven't been allowed by their bosses, under a new policy called "Safety First" - go figure!

We made it into Oldbury just after 2-o'clock. Unfortunately (as in previous years) a lot of people buggered off without hanging around for the speeches, so the audience was a bit thin. We compensated by parking loads of bikes in front of the Sandwell Council House to make it look busier!

Councillor Bob Badham (cabinet member for "Urban Form" - whatever that is!) gave the opening speech, followed by Nicky Myakicheff (Reps Liaison for MAG UK). Something that was said must have worked, as we had two people asking for membership forms at the end of the speeches! In true MAG organisational excellence, none of us were carrying that day, but the blokes in question are going to come to one of our meetings instead.

A big thank-you to everyone involved in organising this event, especially to Sandwell Council for hosting the end of run speeches (and, of course, for publishing the Strategy For Powered Two Wheelers).

You can read Bod's report on the MoonShiners site.