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since 04.04.2000

Welsh National Motorcycle Show

The Welsh Motorcycle Show, held at Builth Wells in Mid Wales, is a rally we've been meaning to attend for some years now, having heard many good things about it. We still didn't manage to make it for the weekend (all our stuff is still drying out from the wonderfully damp Birthday Bash last weekend) but Deb and I made the trip up on Saturday to have a look around.

At this point, I'd like to commend mag-cymru for selling day tickets to the rally. Not many rallies do this (I don't know of any), but it makes the rally available to more people who couldn't afford (in either cash, time or babysitting arrangements) to attend for the whole weekend. More rallies should follow their example.

The showground at Builth Wells is an excellent venue. I didn't see the camping facilities, but there is plenty of bike/car-parking for day visitors (hard standing, so no boggy fields to ride/drive across) and several large halls, so you can still shop/drink when it's raining.

There was also an outdoor arena, where we saw The Kangaroo Kid (some nutty Australian bloke jumping over cars on a quad!), and more market stalls around the edges of the arena.

This event is terrific for anyone with sprogs in tow. One of the halls was filled with bouncy castles and slides, and there was a 'circus-workshop' area where kids (and big kids) were trying to learn to juggle.

All in all, a nice laid back event, with loads of different things going on. I even spotted some folk wandering around in hessian carrying swords, so I take it there was some sort of re-enactment thing going on - or they might just have been weirdo's! It didn't even rain while we were there!

Sorry there's no pictures, but I forgot to take the camera!