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since 04.04.2000

Welsh National Motorcycle Show.

25th - 28th May 2001

After our day visit to Builth last year, we decided to go for the whole weekend this time. The event is held on the Royal Welsh Showgound, which comes equipped with such luxuries as tarmac roads, proper toilets, and even showers! A lot of people moan about such things spoiling the idea of "roughing it", but it is nice to go to the loo without having to balance a torch and carry your own toilet paper!

Like Anglesey, good use was made of the showground facilities. Large barns housed most of the important items (bike show, some trade stands, the bands and bar) - good news when in Wales, coz it rained nearly all of Saturday! The bar was very well organised - large area, and lots of staff meant no queueing for beer. Mind you, I could have done with some delays between the 2 pint containers of lager on Friday night - Saturday morning saw me at the newsagents stand hunting for Anadin!

I spent a fair amount of time on Friday and Sunday helping out with the marshalling - not enough volunteers, like most other rallies - so I didn't get chance to get a look at the bike show. However, I gave Deb a quick training course with my camera, and sent her off to collect pictures. You can see the bike show here.

Best entertainment for me was watching the Mini-Moto on Friday night. Five nutters gave a demonstration of "mini-moto-demolishion-derby" - thrashing round in one of the barns, kicking each other off at every opportunity! Amazingly, the bikes survived and were still running at the end of it all - in fact, they looked in much better shape than the riders!

Adam's Bit

Adam deserves his own section in this rally report - considering he was only there for just over 24 hours, he certainly provided lots of entertainment! After demonstrating how not to erect his new tent (and he'd told us that erections were his speciality!), he went shopping and came back with a lovely red bandana. He took a nap for a few hours, then he discovered that the dye was coming out of it, staining his head a cracking shade of red! We were, of course, very sympathetic!

Sorry, I mean 1100! Approach with caution

Time to embarass other people...

The Truth Is Out There... Always was a messy eater... It was here a minute ago... Look - only one lock!