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since 04.04.2000

Burton MAG Xmas Toy Run

16th December 2001

Started chilly...

Half a dozen of us set off from the Port & Ale for a rather brisk trip up the A38 to Burton. We lost Bod for a while with a suspected mechanical problem, however he did pull along side us and waggled his loose make up your own mind!

We were impressed when we arrived at the Beech Inn and found about 50 bikes and trikes already there, many of them decked out in tinsel and a number of Santa's ditching Rudolph for the day!

This event had been well advertised locally and nationally - one guy had even travelled down from Scarborough! Proving that can never promote an event too much - and Bikers will brave December weather for a good cause.

Got colder!

The organisers at Burton MAG had approached 4 local special schools and 3 accepted the offer to have an army of noisy bikers to disturb their Sunday lunches. The first 2 schools were residential and welcomed us with open arms. Many many thanks goes to the second school who provided us with hot drinks when we arrived.

For the final school we were joined by those that had been misled by MCN (the morons at MCN had managed to print the wrong start time - twice!) All in all the final tally must have been at least 75 bikes/trikes and about 100 bikers. Leading to an impressive display of gifts at the school, filling most of the school stage. This was an excellent end to the run as it was a day school which staff, parents and pupils had opened up for the afternoon especially for this event. They made us very welcome with hot drinks and mince pies, and a speech from the headmaster!

A final comment this event was well organised and the marshalling was excellent (there had been two practices the day before so everyone new the route and their roles). Not a bad start for a MAG group that's only been running for a month...

The usual suspects

To finish, a collection of tinselled-up bikes and trikes, and a few weirdo's we found along the way!

You can read Bod's report here.