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since 04.04.2000

Burton MAG Valentine Party

15th February 2002 Words by Diane, no pictures yet (but looking forward to them!)

Nige & I turned up at about 9.30 when the evening was well under way - standing room only again. Burton MAG Mistresses were very scary in their pvc hotpants and thigh boots or leather scary stuff. Pam arranged some silly games such as removing jelly babies from plates of vegetarian jelly with hands behind backs etc. The contest was won by Boggs from the trike club who came to support again, Beertown Bikers were also a strong presence and there was also a presence from the Suicide Frogs coz I recognised some faces from the ride down to the Fred Hill demo including the guy with the beautiful black Yamaha Dragstar (Tell Santa I want one...) .

There were no takers for the remaining jelly afterwards (it looked like rather anaemic afterbirth!)

The raffle was well supported with a variety of useful or sexy prizes (or both depending how your mind works)!