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since 04.04.2000

Cannock MAG's MAGBash.

26th January 2002

The Hen House at Hednesford was heaving by the time we arrived (just before 9pm). This was the first time most of us had visited Cannock MAG, and we were all impressed with the turn-out. The disco was certainly loud enough, and played a decent selection of rock numbers - not my cup-of-tea personally, but seemed to go down well enough. Even I managed to recognise a few tracks.

You could ski down that!
Cannock MAG presented Eddie Lowe (West Mids Regional Rep) with a rather large cheque - both in physical size and amount. Cannock MAG are obviously doing something right, as they managed to hand over 200. An award was also presented to Lou from the Get Off Your Butts MCC as their club has consistently supported Cannock MAG for several years. Eddie was asked to start the raffle, and managed to draw his own ticket! He even got a smooch off Jane, so it was definitely worth the trip from Bromsgrove for him!

The Verdict

As was said above, this was the first contact with Cannock MAG for most of us, and it definitely left a good impression. They are obviously well organised, enjoy the support of their local bike clubs, and like to party very hard. They've been doing this for many years now, and make it look easy!

An entertaining night, and a nice donation to the region - well done Cannock MAG. We'll be back to see you again, and hope to see some of you at some of our events.

Second Opinion

Shockingly, someone else took a camera and wrote a few words for this report - thanks to Adam. Here are his words of wisdom...(obviously using the term "wisdom" very lightly!)

I felt on the whole it was en excellent event. Even though I went at eleven, (because I was trying to be responsible as a driver) Me, Rosy and john all agreed that it was a good show. here are a few pictures from my cheep as you like camera.

I think that the caption to last picture should be:
Eddie,"I dont mean to upset you but I think its your round."
Steve,"What do you mean,ITS MY ROUND?"
Nigel, "Great stuff" as he boogies on,"Mines a large one."

oh the truth is poetic when it comes with pictures.. ha ha ha

it was a good turn out from bcm there was. si & shaz, steve and deb, eddie, john, pete, adam and his blonde bird(I think he was riding a black vt250) dave & lyne, me & rosy,lefty & lyne, A count of fifteen.
very good

what do you mean it's MY ROUND?