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since 04.04.2000

Cannock MAG's MAGBash.

18th January 2003


The Hen House at Hednesford was already heaving by time Eddie and myself got there (around 9pm - we like to be fashionably late, and make an entrance!) Luckily, a few of the more committed (they should be!) Black Country members had got there early enough to save us some seats. It seemed just as busy as last year - Cannock MAG seem to be able to consistently dig people out of their post-Xmas daze, and get them back in the party mood. The only problem with all these happy folk is it's impossible to get many pictures - line up a good shot, and someone is walking in front, or spilling their beer down your back!

The only difference I could make out was that the music seemed a touch quieter this year - no bad ringing ears three days later, and the nose-bleed stopped a lot quicker than last year!


I always reckon it's a bit of a risk putting on a Fancy Dress party - you need a good proportion of punters to make the effort, or it ends up looking a bit lame. No problems here as loads of people got into the spirit of things - a good selection of Kings & Queens, countesses, serfs, a warrior princess and a highway woman.


(lots of these around - could be a new trend!

Money, Money, Money...

The Cannock lot have done the West Mids proud again - another large donation to the region, and a cracking party to boot. Top marks, Cannock MAG.