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since 04.04.2000

Cannock MAG's Fancy Dress Party.

17th January 2004

Top marks again to Cannock MAG. Their regular post-Xmas party is always a wonder to behold, even before the fancy dress is included ("Cowboys and Indians" this year). I am always amazed to see so many people still with beer money in the middle of January - these "northerners" must be financial wizards.

Another ear-splitting disco, this year accompanied by a slightly louder band, which sounded great from the other end of the pub (ok, I'm a wimp and can't take the volume!) Everyone seemed to be enjoying it, although the fancy dress didn't seem as well supported as last years "Medieval" theme - looks like wimples beat cowboy boots every time in Cannock.

From this and other events, Cannock MAG have donated 400 to West Midlands MAG. (This is in addition to a charity fundraiser held late last year, and is bloody impressive) Congratulations to everyone involved.