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since 04.04.2000


The bike on the left is Nigels (t)rusty Z1100 - proving that even munchkins can ride big bikes! This man can carry more stuff to a bike rally on this bike than you can fit in a normal size car - airbed (fair enough), double quilt (pushing it a bit), barbeque (!), Golf Umbrella (words fail me!)

This picture was taken at the last Magna Carta rally in (I think) 1996.

This was Nigel's brand new XJR1300SP - until an unfortunate incident in Summer 2001 when Adam's bike fell on it (it's a long story). So, Nigel's back on the old Z for a while.

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Some mildly humerous photo's of the man himself!

Isn't he pretty! Put it away! 3 Pints and he needs a nap!