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Message started by zippy on 21.03.2006 at 21:06:01

Title: new members or just viewing
Post by zippy on 21.03.2006 at 21:06:01

;D hi folks if your just viewing this forum why not join, i did after a few visits. i was a little put off by the gaps in between replies, and one or two others i've been to are busier than here. however these things need to start somewhere and i've loved it so far.
                    ride safe folks

Title: Re: new members or just viewing
Post by Hogielad on 27.03.2006 at 23:35:27

Hi Zippy,
Just to say hello and let you know that someone has read your message.
We are new to this forum too and eager to get to know new people.
I think though that we are in the minority in MAG as it sounds like most people ride those fast super machines that go at ungodly miles per hour.  It always amazes me how they can manage to wave as they pass us and still maintain their control doing 100 and something miles an hour ( or so it seems).
Awesome though they all are, I'm happy doing 60 ish cos I aint as racey as I used to be.
Ride Safe everyone and watch out for the white vans cos they're contagious!!!!

Title: Re: new members or just viewing
Post by Big_Vern on 30.03.2006 at 13:23:32

Hi there,

The forum itself is very new, so everyone is a new poster at the moment  ;D

It hasn't, as of yet, been publicized much, and the bugs have only just been worked out by the ever hard-working Steve. (thanks for the hard work mate). Hopefully as it becomes known it will get a bit more lively. Of course now the summers coming I think every bike forum starts to get quieter  :D

Actually Hogielad, MAG has been accused of being too pro the chops and cruisers side of biking, so it's nice to know that things might be changing  ;D I think the forum just needs spreading around a bit more for people to use it. It's always the same story, people won't post on a non-used forum, and if peope don't post then the forum falls into non-use  ::)

Anyway, don't forget the Easter Egg run this weekend, and the AGC and party next weekend. There should be plenty to talk about after them  ;)


Title: Re: new members or just viewing
Post by zippy on 31.03.2006 at 20:32:29

:Phi all i must admit i like to tape the throttle open once in a while but i'm also quite happy to cruise along with the pack. my fav thing is camping, bike all loaded up and all that open road. i've just done my 14th winter and looking 4ward to summer

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