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Title: MAG Heading to Europe
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MAG Heading to Europe

Issued 22th August 2007

On the 5th September 2007, the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) will be heading to Europe for the 11th Annual MEP motorcycle ride from the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Organised by the Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations (FEMA), of which MAG is an active member organisation, the annual ride with Members of the European Parliament is a unique opportunity for riders from all over Europe, to exchange ideas and discuss motorcycle issues directly with decision makers.

The focus for this year’s ride will be on three issues regarding Urban Transport and Motorcycle Safety:

The presentation of FEMA’s revised “European Agenda for Motorcycle Safety” document which is an in-depth report outlining riders’ viewpoints on road safety issues.
The European Commission’s Green Paper on Urban Transport which highlights the role that European riders can play to address pollution, congestion and road planning in urban areas.
To draw attention to the initial rejection of a European Infrastructure Directive by the TRAN Committee in the European Parliament, which included advice for a safer road environment for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters.

MAG’s, General Secretary, Trevor Baird says, “The annual MEP ride gives the twenty three organisations that make up FEMA the chance to sit down in front of their MEPs to discuss national and pan European issues. The event has become an essential part of MAG’s lobbying and is one of the most popular events for European parliamentarians. The event not only presents the serious side of motorcycling but significantly gives them an opportunity to experience the fun of motorcycling.”


Notes for Editors:

1. For further details view the MEP Ride website at www.mep-ride.eu

2. Invitation to the press Here

3. Before becoming the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA), the Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM) decided in 1996 to organise its first MEP Motorcycle Ride.

The concept of the event was to bring together motorcycling citizens from all over Europe and their elected representatives for an informal and enjoyable event, giving MEPs the opportunity to experience the pleasure of motorcycling, while at the same time better understand motorcycle related issues.

It has now become a traditional event, well known at the European Parliament. With the full support of FEMA’s French affiliate FFMC67 (Strasbourg section), the MEP Ride attracts over 150 participants, including MEPs, their Assistants, FEMA members, and other stakeholders.

Issued by

Trevor Baird
General Secretary (MAG UK)

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Email general-secretary@mag-uk.org
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Title: Re: MAG Heading to Europe
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from the Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations
August 31st 2007

11th MEP Motorcycle Ride
Strasburg - September 5, 2007

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and EU Motorcyclists will meet and ride together through the splendid region of Strasbourg. For this occasion, FEMA will present its new “European Agenda for Motorcycle Safety” and discuss urban transport policies.

The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) is proud to announce the launch of its 11th MEP Motorcycle Ride, which will take place this Wednesday 5th September 2007 in Strasbourg.

This annual ride with Members of the European Parliament is an important occasion for European Motorcyclists Associations from all over Europe, MEPs, Representatives from the European Commission and other stakeholders to meet and discuss important motorcycle issues.

FEMA will take this opportunity to present EU motorcyclists’ views on the European Commission’s Green Paper on Urban Transport - which will be presented in autumn - and the role Power Two Wheeler users can play in urban areas to address pollution, congestion, infrastructure and social inclusion. In close relation with mobility issues, motorcycle safety issues will also be discussed with the presentation of FEMA’s recently revised European Agenda for Motorcycle Safety.

This year’s MEP Ride is patronized by the following MEPs H. Markov (Germany - GUENGL), E. Lynne (UK - ALDE), L. Queiro (Portugal - EPP-ED) and I. Segelström (Sweden - PES). The Ride will start at 7:00pm in front of the doors of the European Parliament (EP) and will cover a distance of approximately 57km. The 145 participants - including nearly 30 MEPs from a wide range of political groups - will be welcomed at the Plobsheim’s Base Nautique, where a short presentation will be made and a diner offered. The event will close with a free-entrance party.

More info on <http://www.mep-ride.eu/>
Press Pack available on <http://www.mep-ride.eu/index.php?p=press> This Press Release in PDF format: http://www.mep-ride.eu/invite/PR-20070831-MEPRide_final.pdf


Notes to editor:
- Contact, registration, information: Virginie Peters Tel +32 (0)2 736 9047 - Mobile + 32 (0)484 976 170 - Email virginie.fema@chello.be <virginie.fema@chello.be> - The Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations (FEMA) is the European federation of national road rider organisations. FEMA represents, defends and promotes motorcycling and the interests of million powered two-wheeler users across Europe. Through its 23 national organisations from 17 countries, FEMA reaches over 300,000 dedicated motorcyclists representing all social groups. <http://www.fema.ridersrights.org>

FEMA - Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations
Rue des Champs 62, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)2 736 9047 / Fax: +32 (0)2 736 9401

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