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Message started by pisces on 14.05.2008 at 11:17:11

Title: Welsh National, Builth Wells.
Post by pisces on 14.05.2008 at 11:17:11

Important -
I have just had a phone call from Eddie (midlands MAG Rep) to say that the plug has been pulled on the Welsh National Motorcycle Show, and Builth Wells will not be held. This was due to take place 23rd to 26th of this month.
No information yet about prepaid monies - I will try to get hold of the Organiser's office later today.
Anyone else with any info., please let us know.
Pass this message on to any bikers you know, who might have been planning to come along.
What a ****** - we were really looking forward to going to this again!
Oh, well - looks like doing more continental rallies this year.

Title: Re: Welsh National, Builth Wells.
Post by Bod on 14.05.2008 at 20:16:22


Here we are.

Welsh Motorcycle Show.

Dyfed-Powys Police has serious reservations about the potential security implications of holding the Welsh Motorcycle Show at Builth Wells this year. The reservations are based on a significant increase in violence between rival motorcycle gangs across the UK as a whole.
Nationally a number of motorcycle shows linked to the rival factions are facing challenge under the Licensing Act 2003, as the police believe the shows will be targeted for disturbance and there remains a real risk of serious violence. Recently the NEC Birmingham cancelled a motorcycle show to protect the safety of everyone involved. The organisers of a similar show in Derbyshire have also cancelled that event. Additionally Warwickshire Constabulary is in the process of mounting a legal challenge against a show to be held in their area.
Dyfed-Powys Police are of the view that there is a significant risk of violence at this years Welsh Motorcycle Show. Our priority is to take every measure to protect the community we serve including visitors to our area. The objections are not made lightly and illustrate the serious concerns that motorcycle events now potentially generate

Great !   Just bloody great !

I hope the folks who started all of this are proud of themselves.

Title: Re: Welsh National, Builth Wells.
Post by big4 on 14.05.2008 at 21:07:00

I have been a marshall at this show for several years and have never seen any violence other than the odd idiot full of beer.

Title: Re: Welsh National, Builth Wells.
Post by pisces on 14.05.2008 at 23:47:06

Last year's show was brilliant. Lots going on, enough trade stalls to keep us shopaholics happy  (not your scene, I know, Bod), and even people selling bikes as well as showing them.
The weather was pretty poor, but it did not seem to dampen anyone's spirits, and the only fighting was provided by the American Civil War re-enactment group (mind you, they did make Chimpcheeks spill her beer when they fired their cannon). There were plenty of families there and the kids all seemed to have a good time, the tea-rooms and cafes in the town made good money, even in the rain, and each day the car park was filled with families coming for the day to enjoy the displays and look at the bikes.

Who is going to compensate Steve Bennett for all the time and money he has spent putting this show together?
He usually makes a generous donation to MAG, and other biker organisations  etc - that, too, has been lost.
What happens about the money sent for pre-book? To return it will involve more time and expense.

It seems strange that a show which has been well advertised for some time, should suddenly cause concern 10 days before it takes place!

I notice from the article Bod quotes, that there is reference to violence on our streets, between biker groups. Do you know which papers these were reported in? On which news channels? The only reports I've seen involved teenagers killing each other, many of them too young to be bikers!

OK, I'll put the soapbox away now, and go and have a sulk  - I was looking forward to this rally,  whatever the weather!                                                                    

Title: Re: Welsh National, Builth Wells.
Post by starbuck on 15.05.2008 at 09:04:09

i think its time we all started objecting to football matches and see what happens . bet they wont stop them even with all the trouble that go on at EVERY  MATCH  . just look at manchester last night

Title: Re: Welsh National, Builth Wells.
Post by Steve - Admin on 19.05.2008 at 11:44:59

Hi All

If you're not busy on Bank Holiday Monday now that Welsh National has been cancelled, how about this instead:


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