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Message started by Bod on 30.04.2011 at 23:30:54

Title: Bruce Pollard  -   RIP
Post by Bod on 30.04.2011 at 23:30:54


Just heard that Bruce Pollard, of Norton Big 4 fame has passed away.
I know he attended a few MAG rallies in the past . . . thought you might like to know.

Title: Re: Bruce Pollard  -   RIP
Post by Blackcountry Mick on 01.05.2011 at 20:55:11

Cheers Bod

Only met Bruce a few times

Nice Guy - Always had time for a chat

RIP Bruce

Title: Re: Bruce Pollard  -   RIP
Post by Bod on 10.05.2011 at 00:44:00


Just got this from the Thumper club website.

Bruce's funeral arrangements;
To all of you who are able to come the outline details are as follows;
Funeral is at St Lawrence's Church, Church Stretton [A49 between Craven Arms and Shrewsbury] on Friday 13th May at 2.30pm. If you are going straight to the church can you please try to be there by around 2.15.
The funeral service will be followed by a burial in Church Stretton cemetery, there is limited space in the cemetery so attendance there is for Bruce's family and close friends. Arrangements will be confirmed during the service.
The cortege will leave Orchard Cottage East Wall Shrops[B4371 aprox 6 miles east of Church Stretton between Wall under Heywood and Longville] at around 1.50pm. Motorcyclists will be asked to assemble  alongside the B4371 near the cottage, there will be signs put out for this. If you are not sure, or need a cuppa then you can wait at the Plough Inn Wall under Heywood SY6 7DS until the cortege passes.
The order of march will be;
The motorcycle combination carrying Bruce.
Family motorcycles [probably 2 or 3] carrying Mandy.
the car carrying Bruce's parents and family.
the supporting motorcyclists.
It is expected the cortege will arrive at the church [about 6 miles] by 2.20pm. Motorcyclists will then need to park their bikes and get into church as soon as possible so Bruce can be brought in.
This is a time for farewell but a celebration too of an eccentric and great character, I'm not sure about the smoking jackets but come as you feel appropriate!
With best wishes to you all and thanks for the great things you have said about Bruce,
Ian Taylor.

So there we have it.

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