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18.12.2018 at 23:08:02
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Thanks! :-) (Read 1379 times)
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Thanks! :-)
12.02.2006 at 22:23:35
Seems to me that most people make very little time to say thankyou nowadays. Not I Smiley I would like to say thanks very much to all those I spoke with at the Fred Hill Memorial event at the National Motorcycle Museum today. It made my one and a half hour trek each way through zillions of gallons of motorway spray well worth it Smiley I was fairly sure that one or two people would be interested to know a bit more about my ongoing helmet campaign (now in my 5th year of helmet free motorcycling) but I did not expect to be given the chance to address everyone with an impromptu speech! Fortunately, I am not the sort of bloke who is ever lost for words, especially on this subject, so it was great to have the opportunity to talk with "conventional" motorcyclists about where I am with the helmet issue concerning the BMW C1 Geekmobile Smiley  I am sure that this specific cause will also bring about changes to the oppression of all motorcyclists that exists in the form of legally requiring self protection - hopefully in any form!  
If we keep going down this slippery slope where will it lead?.....laws to ensure I am wearing Toetectors when I dig the garden?......laws to ensure I hold onto the handrail when I use the stairs?......laws to ensure I stand on a stepladder and not a kitchen stool to change a lightbulb?.....laws to wear a steel thimble when I use a sowing needle? Hmph! In matters of personal safety the Government could be considered reasonable if it ensured that the public were educated about personal safety - and if in the case of a vehicle requiring a proficiency test then it could be included in that. Look at the common theme running through the above hypothetical laws....I KNOW that ALL the advice there is for my OWN safety but why punish anyone for making a calculated judgement about their OWN safety? I might only want to dig a tiny hole to bury a goldfish! I might need both hands to carry something upstairs! (like a good woman maybe!) I might not own a stepladder! I might only want to use that sewing needle to unpick a rather untidy bit of machine stitching on one of my cheap shirts! So if those laws existed should I suffer a penalty? I think not!
In the case of the helmet, if my 2 year old just used it as a potty and my good lady (after she comes back downstairs) desperately needs me to pop down to the corner shop for some milk is it right that I should be punished for having the outright lunacy and crassness to take the R1 without wearing the aforementioned poohey smelly helmet 400m at 30mph? Again, I think not! I personally would choose to wear a helmet on a conventional bike under normal circumstances. However, I strongly object to being ordered to wear one and I am absolutely certain that there would be instances where it would simply not be convenient to.....maybe coming across someone who needed a lift and, what surprise, they do not have a helmet about their person! Hmph! Stop the madness.
Anyway....I wont ramble further....thanks for making me feel so welcome.......PP
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Re: Thanks! :-)
Reply #1 - 14.02.2006 at 12:04:47
It was great to see you there, thanks for the impromptu chat.
The weather unfortunately put a few people off (as usual) but it was good to see so many people there on such a miserable day.
Thanks again to evreyone who attended.
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