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26.06.2019 at 20:03:22
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rally requirements (Read 4238 times)
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rally requirements
26.02.2006 at 20:16:12
ok hands up i know its all my own fault what with marriage, kids, mortgage, divorce, work, you know little problems with priorities but i have never been on an over night rally.
iknow, i know i can hear you gasps of disbelief, but its true and i have now decided that enough is enough. so on to my simple request what, and how much of whatever should i pack/take for an overnight stop at a rally?
now dont get me wrong i have worked away from home many many times, and been camping but how much/or little can i get away with taking?  
i really dont want to turn up at a site weighed down with all the food we might need when there is a great kitchen on site.
im sure i could guess on most requirements needed but its the "possibly" simple things im not sure about, like is there likely to be flush toilets? our does it depend on the venue? i hope this generates a bit of a general chatter about this sort of thing, i can well imagine there has been lots of people who would be too embarressed to ask anyone about simple things like those above but basically i dont give a monkeys about what people think so if i dont know, i ask.
look forward to getting some feed back.
Andy and Sue "Reaperman and Fitchick."
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Re: rally requirements
Reply #1 - 26.02.2006 at 21:07:37
Don't worry about it, there's a first time for everything.  Cheesy
Personally, it depends on the event you're going to. If it's a small rally in a field you will have limited facilities (having said that, some small rallies, such as Black Country's is small, but has all the facilities in the adjacent pub). If it's a large event at a purpose built showground you will have everything from flushing loos to showers.  
It will usually tell you on the flyer what you can expect.
The minimum you will usually find is a portaloo. Now these can get into a state where you will not want to use them, so I usualy locate the nearest Tesco's, Sainsburies or such like during the day. I must say though that it's been a while since I have been to any event where the toilets were not cleaned regularly.
There is usually a food wagon, or a nearby pub, to eat. But if it's a small event, again, you may be limited to burgers and the like and you can usually get tea & coffee etc, but there is usually a pub nearby. Some people take a cooker and all there own food/tea/coffee etc etc. It depends what you want (and what you can fit on the bike).
One thing you will ALWAYS find at a rally.....beer  Grin
A couple of things I have found to be useful are:
Wipes (for that 'morning fresh feeling' Grin
torch (for coming back from the pub)
A well padded sleeping bag (for those icy nights)
Plastic bags (to put all the stuff in, so it won't get wet when your 'waterproof' panniers leek)
An ashtray (if you smoke)
Spare glasses (just in case)
A hat for when it rains (note I said when  Cheesy)
A supply of tablets such as paracetamol, anti-diarrhia (you really don't want that at a rally Shocked) that sort of thing. As well as my standard medication.
I always take some pop or other drink for in the tent, along with some T-cakes or hot X buns or something like that for when I can't be bothered to get out of the tent.
As for money, If you drink heavily and eat in the pub all the time you will need to take more than if you have your own food/drinks. I usually take about 50 in cash. Don't take too much in case you loose it when stumbling back to the tent.
Some people come with everything including the kitchen sink, and that's fine. I prefer to travel light.
The best thing to do is go to a local event, then if you have forgotten anything, or find you desperately need something, you can pop home and get it.
I'm sure I've missed loads out, but that's a start anyway.
Oh and don't tell anyone it's your first rally  Grin
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Re: rally requirements
Reply #2 - 05.03.2006 at 11:29:22
[color=Purple][/color]what to take to a rally?? i suppose most of it is straight forward. knife spoon fork, mug, a tent etc. i've gone too many a rally and from time to time i spot someone else with a great bit of kit. for instance : a gas cooker with a lattern that fits on the same gas can as cooker. the lantern is then used to take the chill off the in tent at night.  tin opener(double check), sauce sachets red brown etc( available free from cafe) air bed, best to be to warm than to cold so take plenty of bedding, do u have enough tent pegs? i put most of my food in margarine tubs or strong freezr bags, i tend to pre freeze most of my food to keep it fresh.
         well thats enough for now but the best bet wud be to get yourself down to a few club meets. ride safe from zippy
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Re: rally requirements
Reply #3 - 05.03.2006 at 20:55:11
What to take to a Rally, pretty simple really...All the sensible things yer mates take and leave you thinking "why don't I ever take things like that?"
I have a trusty set of "billy cans" that i cook and eat from, alright I'm a slob, but if you put water in them and boil it this only equals one thing to wash!
definatly stay warm, spend as much as you can afford on a good sleeping bag.
one thing is a cert, you will take comfort from seeing everyone looking as crap as you in the morning.
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Re: rally requirements
Reply #4 - 07.03.2006 at 18:45:56
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
good idea on what not to take
   ya mrs      
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Re: rally requirements
Reply #5 - 07.03.2006 at 21:53:10
Grin dont take any crabs with you cuz i'm sure you could pick up a dose at some point whilst there
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