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13.11.2018 at 21:06:24
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meet up (Read 1555 times)
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meet up
07.08.2006 at 16:01:01
I think we should organise a good ride out for the regulars on this here site.  For those who don't or can't do rallies, a good ole day out would be great. would be nice to put faces to names and we could all have a stonking good larf.  Grin
shud be making the most of the weather while we still have it.  Smiley
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Re: meet up
Reply #1 - 07.08.2006 at 16:15:50
I know 1066mcc have a ride out every Sunday. The destination varies and it's usually a nice well planned run. I try and join them whenever I can. It's usually a popular run and there's no racing or that sort of thing. It's a good run to learn how to do your own runs.
It's a good idea to have a run out, I for one would be interested in a nice run out, depending on the destination of course.
It would have to be organised so that people don't get left behnd, or lost. Also it must be a nice ride for those who want to go at a pleasant cruising pace, and others who want to go quicker.
If a route is planned out it can be printed and handed out to everyone on the run. On the route you could plan stopping points, so that anyone who is lagging behind or gets lost knows where to head for to meet up with everyone else. Also the destination needs consideration (depending on who is going) with facilities for hot drinks and food (if it's a long ride). It's a good idea for everyone on the run to have the mobile phone number of the leading rider (organiser) just in case as well.
A nice trip to the coast is pleasant at this time of year (especially if it is not a well known or overcrowded place) trouble is the towns are full of tourists  Cheesy. I went on a nice run to some out of the way little village on the coast in Wales once and it was lovely (quiet too).  
You'll have to find out where other people want to go (type of destination i.e seaside, just a coffee shop, top of a mountain, motoring museum, that sort of thing). Also what distance people are prepared to ride.
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Re: meet up
Reply #2 - 08.08.2006 at 09:09:39
Myself and Nigel once had a ride out to Box Hill in Surrey, Scotty chickened out cos it was too far for him  Grin
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