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since 04.04.2000

Ded Duk 2007

Report and pictures from Wendy and Rob Ayres

Come on, the rest of you, get those words and pictures to me; I'm sure they are more interesting than mine.

Yes, you - Kerry, John, Jan, Gary, Juliana, (sorry, wrong) John, Adam, Rosie, Dave, Di!

Well, we had a good ride down to the site for Gloucester MAG rally, and the weather was glorious (as you can see from the pictures taken Saturday morning). Mind you, it was very cold at night - but there are ways round that!

It was great to see Steve and Debs again - both of them looked very well; the air at Gloucester seems to suit them. They both seemed to spend most of the weekend Marshalling. Don't Gloucester MAG have many members either, Steve? Or did you bribe them to let you spend most of the time behind the bar?

The beer was good - proper ale, and a decent price. We have even got Rosie off that foreign stuff that tastes like ****, and onto proper beer.

Saturday was clear and hot, and there were several ride-outs - both official and casual. During the evening people were riding in, talking about Abergavenny and Bath, and castles and abbeys. (Pongo managed to fit a week's sight-seeing into one afternoon's ride). Very interesting. We did a rideout as well (JJ, Adam, Rosie and myself). OK, so it was only 9.7 miles round trip in the end, but there were empty seats on a nice bit of grass at the back of the pub - and why waste fossil fuel travelling to a nice bit of grass much further away? We were thinking of the planet.

Those are the positive thoughts - along with memories of good company and a pleasant evening sat around the roaring camp fire.

Unfortunately, there were also a few niggles. The sloping site does not change, I know - but it probably contributed to my week on the box, with a diagnosis of a badly pulled muscle in my lower back.

The site got very full - the marshals on the control tent were apparently letting everyone in, even without pre-book; 400 happy (drinking) campers and 8 portaloos; I'm sure you get the picture. By Saturday night large, tough, hairy bikers were opening the door to some of the loos and then rushing off across the site with white faces and muttering "Where's the nearest pub?"

I am sure that it is a coincidence that JJ and I decided to buy food from the catering vans - and then spent all night with stomach ache. JJ was actually sick during Saturday night.

Big Vern and his family went home on Saturday afternoon. He has had a lot of trouble with his legs lately (ie they hurt like hell!!). The sloping site did not help - nor the fact that when he asked about camping on the level area near the control tent, he was told that it was out of the question.

Obviously, the Gloucester MAG people that we saw camping there later, had worse disabilities than Big Vern.

Ok, gripes over. Here are the pics - but I am sure there are some better ones out there; please forward them to me.

Well, Juliana heard my plea for more interesting pictures from the Ded Duk and e-mailed these across to me.

Thanks for these, Jules - mine seem to be of trees and bikes, at least these prove that there were people there as well.

The two sleeping beauties look familiar; ah, yes, this would be the picture I saw on Gloucester MAG website. This seems to be the fate of anyone arriving early at a rally, and an empty beer tent (empty of queues of customers, that is!!).

It's also the reason some of us did not see John or Jules until Saturday (those of us who didn't reach the site until after tea, that is).

Well, thanks to these words from Rob we can give a more balanced view of the rally. It is always better to hear from a number of people, folks - even if you only have time to e-mail me a sentence or two (and even if it takes me a while to post them, like these) because we all see things differently, and it helps give a fairer picture to those who couldn't get there.

Wendy, here's my bit from the Ded Duk.

Sloping site or what! but hey, that's rallying! and I got there really early and bagged the only level pitch right at the top. Feel very guilty for not introducing myself to a few more BCMAG people, however, did get a chance to catch up with Steve, Vern, John and Wendy briefly.

Good weather makes any rally, but this being my first Ded Duk, I thought it had a good atmosphere, and the riverside spot was pretty amazing first thing in the morning.

Excellent beer, and bands, perhaps a more varied caterer for those moments at the end of the night when a Kebab is more appealing than anything else that is very appealing?

A few of us had a ride out into the forest and on to Tinturn for some real grub on Saturday, and then back for more of the same on Saturday night.

A nice fairly local Rally to kickstart the year; those who travelled said they would do it again, so that says it all.