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since 04.04.2000

Dhana's 4th Birthday Party.

22nd April 2002

Words and pictures by Steve.

Dhana, the fruit of Simon's loins, decided he wanted his 4th birthday party at the Port & Ale - definitely taking after his Dad from an early age - so he gatecrashed our meeting one Monday night.

When presented with free food, jelly and ice cream, birthday cake and huge balloons, even the most hardcore, image-conscious bikers were more than happy to don a party hat (or two!) and get stuck in

We did get told to keep the noise down at one point (bikers with party-blowers are more annoying than rock disco's apparently), and had to placate the bar residents with a tray of sandwiches. We never got around to any party games, as everyone was far too interested in scoffing all the food that Sharon had provided. Dhana did take a lap of honour on his new bike, and everyone got presented with a Winnie the Poo party bag on leaving - sweeties and toys!

Even though we managed to stave off a food fight, Simon did have to beg a vacuum cleaner off the landlord to put the pub back into some sort of order. Luckily Sharon missed this, as the shock of seeing him doing housework could have pushed her over the edge!

Not much done in the way of MAG stuff, but a cracking way to spend a Monday night - roll on Dhana's 5th!