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since 04.04.2000

WMMAG Easter Egg Run.

26th April 2003

Words and some pictures by Steve, other pictures by Scott

The good news about Easter being so late this year was much better weather (last year was bitter). The bad news was that we clashed with more events, so attendance was down on last year - probably 40 odd people made the short run to Dr Barnardos at Droitwich.

For a change, we had planned this event much further in advance than usual, and the response from Dr B's was superb. As well as tea, coffee and a superb array of biscuits, a lot of the centre's clients were there with their families. Our reduced numbers actually worked in the events favour - it was a far more friendly atmosphere than last year, with everyone mingling well. Loads of kids got lifted onto bikes, and one of the trike owners nearly ran his tank dry giving kids rides around the industrial park (he ended up syphoning some fuel off his mate to get back to a fuel station).

Nice event, which didn't suffer (and probably benefitted) from the lower attendance. Thanks to Dr Barnardo's for receiving us so well again. Thanks also to the Boring Old Farts MCC - despite having their own event on that day, they sent a few riders, along with loads of donations - cheers!