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West Midlands MAG

Acorns Easter Egg run

31st March 2007

Report supplied by Vic- and very promptly!

The pictures are courtesy of Vic and Shaggy, from 1066 MCC

The report you get now, the pictures will follow when edited.

The day started off nice and bright, almost warm, and the forecast was looking quite good as well. David turned up about 10:30 and we set off for Bewell Head to meet up with everyone for the 2007 West Midlands MAG Easter egg run to Acorns in Worcester. There had been a fair few enquiries from local clubs and riders, so we were expecting around 50 or so bikes to turn up. When David and I arrived there was only Eddie and 1 other rider on the car park. Needless to say Eddie was slightly concerned at this, but I knew that most of the clubs were meeting up elsewhere and riding in to the meeting place together. As it was only about 11:15 I wasn't too worried.

As time went on a few more bikes turned up in small batches and it wasn't until about 11:40 that everyone seemed to turn up at once. There was a great turn out from the local clubs and it was great to see so many different types of machinery - from scooters to trikes, big cruisers, sports bikes, tourers, off-roaders, in fact I think just about every class of bike had something there to represent it! In the end just under 100 bikes and trikes turned up, as well as a few car loads of people 'tagging on' to watch them all.

People started to come out of local houses to watch, and there seemed to be a bit of a carnival atmosphere developing. A lot of people took advantage of the free tea and coffee laid on, so many in fact that they ran out of cups and were desperately running around collecting used ones and washing them up.

At about 5 minutes to 12 Eddie happened to mention that there were only 5 marshals to organise the run. This meant that the remaining few minutes were spent running around trying to co-opt people into putting a reflective jacket on and doing a bit of marshalling. This was a problem as no-one except Eddie seemed to know the route, apart from 'it's just off the A38'. As it turned out there was little to worry about as riders came through and helped marshal the run right the way through to Acorns, with little problem.

We set off just after 12:00 midday, with an impressive display of machinery and a long line of cars following. I was asked to stay at the back and so I had a great view of this long line of bikes and trikes, of all shapes and sizes, winding their way down through Bromsgrove and into Worcester. In fact the whole of Worcester seemed to come to a standstill, with people coming out and lining the road, waving and clapping. The weather did us proud - not too hot, but the sun was out to put a sparkle on proceedings.

On arriving at Acorns in Worcester, all the eggs and toys were taken out of Eddie's car and placed on a couple of trolleys - with representatives of Acorns there to welcome us, and a few of the children there as well. A few speeches were given, thanking everyone for turning up and being so generous, before a photo opportunity with everyone gathering around the trolleys laden with goodies.

After having had a good look around people started to say their goodbyes and wander off. The clouds grew darker and I considered putting on my famous bright orange waterproofs, but decided that it wouldn't rain, so David and I headed back to my place for a coffee. Needless to say, about half way home the heavens opened, with hail, rain and high winds. We arrived at my place absolutely soaked : within 5 minutes of us getting inside, the sun came out!

Apart from this slight blot on the day, everything else went off well- with plenty of bikes, eggs, toys and riders, and a great atmosphere. The locals seemed to enjoy the spectacle and the people at Acorns were mightily pleased with our efforts.

I certainly enjoyed the run, and will definitely be putting it in my diary for next year. Well done West Mids MAG.

West Midlands rep


National Association for Bikers with a Disability

OK, pictures now edited (hopefully) so here goes! As we were not able to go, I'm afraid I cannot supply captions to them but I have put them in order (by the time they were taken).