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since 04.04.2000

West Midlands MAG's Egg Run.

7th April 2001

This years first charity event was an Easter Egg and Fruit Run to the Birmingham Childrens Hospital. Exaclty what you would expect for an Egg Run in April - bikes with chocolate bungied on, and shed loads of rain! It rained while we were assembling at the Merlin. It rained as we travelled into Birmingham. It rained while we posed for a few photos after delivering the chocolate and fruit.

It also rained all the way home!

Despite all this weather, it was a good turn out (we're really bad at guesstimating attendance, so I'll just say "some" bikers turned up!) We were without police support to marshall the run along the Bristol Road, but we managed very well with the assistance of some Boring Old Fartz, never once breaking a single traffic regulation (honestly Officer!)

A big thanks to all who attended (and managed to not get lost on the way! You know who you are!) We managed to fill the PA's office with goodies for the children, and the hospital was grateful of the help.