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since 04.04.2000

BCMAG's 1st Fancy Dress Party

25th January 2003

Words and pictures by Steve

The theme for our first fancy dress party was "Films" - gives people a little direction, while still leaving them masses of costume choice. However, with all the possibilities laid in front of them, half the attendees chose to come as "St Trinians" school-girls - any excuse, eh lads? It wasn't a pretty sight - these were some of the more tasteful photos.

Moonshiners Perverts aside, we managed a fair selection of characters (Carter still swears that Sonny & Cher were in a film together once!). Fancy Dress parties can be a bit of a one-joke event, but as long as the beer keeps flowing, it's possible to laugh at that one-joke all night!

Say hello to Bod's scouse cousin, who managed to make an appearance later in the evening.

Bruce wasn't in costume, but that hat definitely deserves a photo.

Three trophies were lovingly crafted (toys stolen from kids then nailed to pieces of wood - what do you expect, art?), and presented for "Best Male", "Best Female", and "Other". Unfortunately, was too pissed by that point to remember who got what, so you'll have to ask around.

Here's Carter putting on his normal clothes to go back to the tent. Can anyone tell the difference?


Most enjoyable - turned a "get pissed in a pub" night, into a "get pissed in a pub while wearing daft clothes" night, with the added bonus of several weeks planning the most outrageous costume you can manage, then cobbling something together at the last minute coz you realised you can't sew.

The venue was great for a January rally - camping was available for the few brave/daft souls, but there were plenty of B&B rooms available for us lesser mortals.

Hopefully we'll be doing it again next year - suggestions for themes not involving School Uniforms will be welcome!