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since 04.04.2000

Farmyard 2006

Words and pictures by Rob Ayres

Felt a bit guilty for not supporting the local Riders ralley this weekend, but what a choice! Rode up early Friday morning, very laid back journey, (run round when paid to do so!). Once onto the M42 started to pick up other souls heading north, which still gives you a feelgood factor of belonging.

Once over Sutton Bank the thought over cracking a cold one, and meeting up with mates was in focus. The Duncombe Park site is, for anyone who hasn't done this event, one of the best. As we arrived early, the vantage point at the entrance end gave us a commanding view over to the big house.

Pitched quickly, and took a trip into Helmsly for provisions, (I travel very light). The one way system made this pretty painless, full marks to Yorkshire MAG.

The entertainment was broken up into 3 areas, the Blues Bar, 100% Biker Bar, and the main stage. It's always difficult to be in the right place at the right time. An easy start with Los Yobos in the Blues tent, then onto the main stage for the Thin Lizzy tribute band, Bizzy Lizzy, and then drifted around after that, catching stuff here and there.

Saturday morning, after saying that a right good lie in was the order of the day, in fact started at 07:30!!! as sun heated things up beyond normal Yorkshire temperatures. Plenty going on through the day, dyno testing, (not worth it for HD's, I wanted to get home), and the assembling customs for the competition - over 80 entries, all of a very high standard. Some familier, some new, the little Ducati Monster chop that I first saw at Stormin last year, deservidly picked up best in show.

The comedy tent (100% biker) was a howl, take note organisers, this went down really well. The highlight of Saturday was without doubt the final 2 bands. 1st off being Deepest Purple; tributes can be either dire, or very very good. These were 110%!, and the show closers Shine On, who played the whole of Dark Side Of The Moon, (not usually a Rally choice), were blinding.

Sunday, scoffed and packed, pulled out over SuttonBank to head home, with cars...yes cars, flashing us warning of Plod lurking by the side of the road, WHY?

This rally felt like a weeks holiday, it is a top event. I'm going to try to recrute a few more HRCGB members from the West Country to come up next year. Over the years have managed to get a few of them to join MAG! so you never know.