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The 14th Farmyard Party.

Custom Show

As usual, I was very disorganised, and managed to miss most of the bike show! Managed to snap the few pictures below as they were clearing out.

This is my excuse for not getting many pictures - too many people milling about! Bloody Motorcyclists, getting in the way - they should be banned!!

Painful looking chop, based on what looks like a GSX lump - nice leary green though!

I think I've seen the Turbo Suzuki before - maybe in a magazine. It's looks a bit mental when the pipe disapear under the tank, then exit again right in front of your knee! Asbestos knee-sliders a must!

Another painful looking chop - still tasty looking though, and they've even kept the rear suspension units! Someones turned out a cracking looking chop and still kept it nice and short.

Some people just like to get noticed!

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