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since 04.04.2000

Fred Hill Memorial Run.

3rd February 2001

"Who was Fred Hill?" I hear all you youngsters cry! Click here to find out more.

After weather reports forecasting solid rain all day, we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by bright sunshine on Saturday morning. We arrived at the starting point of the run (The Merlin in Bromsgrove) about 12:30, and there was already a good number of bikes assembled. Time for a quick drink - luckily the Landlord at the Merlin serves cracking coffee, which is definitely required before midday on Saturday!

The run set off shortly after one o'clock - except for Bod, who encountered a problem on the tiger trike and spent some time on the car park getting re-aquainted with his fuel pump. A decent size group of bikes travelled up the A38 into Birmingham, managing to keep together (fairly well) in the busy traffic, drawing a good deal of attention along the way. An occasional spot of rain along the way, but the threatened downpour held off.

Once parked up behind the Repertory Theatre, we assembled in Centenary Square for a quick speech by Neil Andrews. The speech at the Fred Hill Run is traditionally short - February is far too cold to be standing around too long! We had a moments silence in honour of Fred, but it was only a moment!

Attendance was estimated at around 45 - better than last years run - but it was estimated by Nigel, and we aren't sure he can count! We had a quick whip-round in Eddies helmet (make of that what you will!), making just over 25 to add to MAG funds.

Not a bad turn-out, considering the forward planning involved in this event - it was just over a week ago we decided on the date, and any advertising was purely word-of-mouth. Promise to do better next year!

And finally, just to prove my photographic expertise, I managed to take a picture of a crash helmet! Obviously this was my intended target, not the crowd of bikers behind it!