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since 04.04.2000

Fred Hill Day.

12th February 2006

Words, grammar, spelling & pictures by Adam

West Midlands MAG Fred Hill Day

Please Note:

Adam's views about helmet law included in this article do not reflect the policies of MAG-UK, or the opinions of BCMAG as a whole. However, he was good enough to send a report in swiftly, so he gets to rant all he wants - I'll just spend the rest of the year poking holes in his spurious arguments until he gives in and never wears a crash helmet again!

Well shock is always a shocking thing when you turn up at the Park Inn to find Nigel there before you. My watch was checked twice and a good slap round the face just to make sure i was not dreaming.

Funny but a large queue formed for this event. The run to Bromsgrove was a nice steady pace as my old BMW 1000 cc is not as fast as some lawn mowers but it can uproot mountains at 17 mph. The m42 was up to its usual standard with a volvo spotwelded on the central resevation. It looked like it had hit it at speed so it needed a new bumper and side light bulb as they are quite solid.(you dont want to hit one of them on ya two wheeled fancy).

The run stayed pretty well together apart from when Phill on his scooter fraped past me so i thought i would stay behind him. (LIKE I HAD A CHOICE) I then sang for several junctions the piss take of WE THREE KINGS, you know, one on a scooter papping his hooter.

Pulling onto the museum car park there was a load of scruffy biker scum taking a load of spaces up so we had to park in row two. bastards. well you know the rest. peter parker talked about his hat, then round it, i always wondered what type of berk rode a bwm c1 ??????? i spoke to him later on a 1 to 1 basis to find out what type of bloke he was and whether he was as straight and committed as he seemed. After only a few minutes he cotradicted himself. It was at this point i thought, modern day helmets have saved more people than i can count and me as one would not ride without one. Fred hill in his day was quite correct but how traffic has changed you would want your head testing if you did not want to put on a nut protector. I understand that in certain cases like yours Steve that the helmet stops you scaring the pubic and making the wild life run to the hills.

On the way home through Brum a bus had made a new front grill of a vauxhall nova and me for one thought it was the best thing for a nova.