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Friends of Black Country MAG.


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This bike belongs to Larry, our first trans-atlantic Friend. Larry's from Portland, Oregon, and is moving to London this year, bringing his wife, daughter and 2 bikes with him - and not much else!

This bike started life as a 2000 Yamaha 1600 Road Star (Wild Star over here). After lots of work and cash spent, Larry has ended up with (in his words) a bike that "is very fast, loud (both sound and appearance), a kick in the ass to ride and an attention getter (police included)!" Larrys wife, Pam, has been riding for about 8 months now, and rides a 1998 750 Honda Shadow A. C. E.

Unfortunately, they've both had a bit of bad luck recently. Pam encountered some of last winters grit (about 2 inches of it!) on a corner and lost the bike. She's fine, but the one footboard punched a hole in the engine case, which made a bit of a mess! Within a few days of this, Larry got knocked off his bike by a woman pulling across the road! Luckily, Larry was OK after hitting her broadside at 35mph, but the bike was a bit of a mess - forks are twisted, the bars bent, due to Larry restraining from doing an over bar trip. The fender and tank are a write-off, the pipes are bent and so on.

Hopefully they can get both bikes sorted before the move over here. The only good thing to come of this, is that it's damn good training for British Roads!

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