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since 04.04.2000

Friends of Black Country MAG.

Chris (a.k.a. Chinboy, Cwissy-Wissy, velcro, etc)

This VRF800 belongs to my mate Chris. While he still hasn't signed the guestbook (even after several nagging emails from me!), he did send me all the pictures from the Isle Of Man this year. Also, having known him for over eight years, I've got lots of embarassing photo's of him!

We can almost claim him as a BCMAG member! Although he now lives down in Wycombe (originally from Kingswinford), it was Tony and Helen who finally got him to join MAG this xmas - we got him very drunk in the Port and Ale, and then we jumped him (mind you, I still had to lend him the cash - Chris is a bit of a Switch boy!)

The difficultly in writing this, is to decide which photo's to leave out! I've put a selection of thumbnail images at the bottom of the page - just click them to view him in all his splendour!

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The Shrine Of Chris!!!

hairy boy trying to trike my Skoda! Chris' arse at the Magna Carta 96 The VFR750, just after... Can you tell who took this one? Yes, stupid enough to get in my sidecar! Scary! How many bikers does it take to U-turn a VFR? Where did you get that Hat? Where did you get that Style? Chillin at the 96 Magna Carta Chris makes everyone want to strangle him! We did warn you about rally food! Rufty-tufty biker or what? By day, a respectable business man... ...but once darkness falls! NINJA! camping at the Rock and Blues! Yes, he's managed to drop the new one as well!


People might get the wrong impression about Chris from this page. We do actually adore Chris, who can, on occasion, be cool and grown up. However, we mostly like Chris coz he provides us with endless humorous photo opportunities!!!