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since 04.04.2000

Heart of England

30th June to 2nd July 2006 Pictures, so far, by JJ and Scott. Words by Wendy

Despite appeals for 'new blood' to contribute to this section of the site, no words have come flooding in, so for the time being you have only my offering to accompany the pictures.

The pictures included so far have been kindly supplied by John and Scott, but I understand that there are a lot more excellent shots out there, so do e-mail them over. I can go on adding them to the page right up to next year's rally!

I am hoping that other rally-goers will be inspired to e-mail me extra details to fill in the gaps in my report, and I will then add them to this page. If your wife/husband/boss/children thought you were somewhere else that weekend, just say so and I will keep your name off the report (...probably...maybe...what's it worth?)

As you will know, one significant feature of the weekend was the return of the Brum Run to its 'Rally Saturday' slot. The pictures and notes on this are on a separate page Brumrun2006. A welcome result of this was the arrival of a sizeable contingent from Yorkshire Mag on Saturday afternoon, to join us for the remainder of the rally. A hardy lot - they had already ridden down from Yorkshire that morning and taken part in the Brum Run fully laden with camping gear, on one of the hottest days of the year!

Some of us stayed behind to man the Control tent during the run (ahhh!) however I did manage to get a few pictures of rally-goers and others who joined us for the run, leaving the site to head for the start.


Reading Steve's report from last year, I noticed that he commented on the welcome rise in the number of members available to act as Marshals. Unfortunately this was not the case this year, and although some of the reasons for this were unavoidable (glad to see that Mick is over the food poisoning), it did make life very difficult at times for the organisers. Luckily, the 'Past Its' turned out in force to provide security and field patrols - to which they added 'control tent' support.


Although some rally-goers did arrive by car, in most cases this was wives transporting the kids, and other family members arrived on bike or trike. We are grateful to Adam for arriving by van initially, in order to transport his beer (which he generously shared with the rest of us). He and Rosie also made sure that all three of their bikes were given the chance to share in the fun of the rally at some point in the weekend!

The Past Its did a sterling job of making sure that any cars were parked only very briefly on the rally field.

Black country MAG...

There was a decent-sized contingent there from black country mag again this year, although some stalwarts were missing, and with the flimsiest of excuses - in hospital with food poisoning (or was it alcohol poisoning?) and moving house, of all things! Now in Tipton, the council will do the move for you - they can have the contents of your house on the pavement in no time at all.

Well, at least this site is started, now. I have some more pics to put on, and a couple of reports/comments. I am hoping that someone out there will send me some more.

The following pictures are just a smallselection from those supplied by Scott!

Never let it be said that we don't know how to chill out, although that is hardly the way to describe the inactivity that weekend!

With the temperature in the thirties by day, and not much less by night, it was more meltdown than chill out!!!

Only small-minded readers of this page would suggest that the beer had anything to do with it.

Anyone knows that in order to avoid dehydration, we were forced to take in regular fluids - and it so happened that beer was the most readily available fluid.

Not before the Brumrun, of course, for those who took part - we don't have a death wish.

No-one thought to fill Adam's van with bottles of water.

Forum friends...

At last Scott was able to meet up with one of his greatest fans from the forum, Zippy himself!

They had been enjoying a friendly chat for a number of weeks before the rally, as visitors to the forum will know!!

Like a true MAG member Zippy came by bike, and was able to meet up with other friends - he certainly gets around.

And finally ...

To finish off, a selection of photos from the extensive collection forwarded by Scott. Amongst them, spot the members preparing food, proving that it isn't all fun at a rally.

John's Rose has e-mailed these pics over of her John, and Jan; they prove that MAG members thrive on a diet of hot tents, cold beer and loud music. Add friends, laughter and motorbikes, and you have the recipe for a perfect weekend. Thanks for these, Rose.

Post-script from ADVJohn - with regard to the last picture of me sent in by Rose, could you point out that I am not a member of Al-quieda or the taliban, it was so hot my head was burnin'.

Do we take it that the rumours of a dawn raid are unfounded, then, John?