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since 04.04.2000

Heart of England 2007

Stoke Prior, 6th to 8th July

Pictures by Wendy, so far.

This time you get the pictures first! I actually processed and saved them into the programme last August, when we got back from Europe. Then we went off to a couple more rallies, and JJ did his death-defying leap at work, and I never got round to working on the web-site again - until now! (Now being the 24th January).

I hope the photos have not faded away from neglect over the months. Anyway, I shall try putting in the link to the rally page now, but the report I shall struggle with - don't remember an awful lot about that rally after all these months. I do remember watching the bikes arrive at the school playing fields at the end of the Brum Run - that was awesome. First the sound, as they turned onto the side road - then the police escort (they did us proud last year, didn't they?) - then the bikes - and more bikes - and even more bikes! I was beginning to think it would never end (JJ and I were running round with side-stands, and warning riders about the high ridge of concrete across the entrance. Guess who damaged their down-pipes first!).

It would be nice if people could send me their memories of the rally or the Brum Run. One or two-liners would be nice - I could put them in, and together they could form a more vivid account of the weekend. Otherwise, this could be all you get this time - plus a few titles by the pictures, next time I settle on the computer!