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since 04.04.2000

The Heart Of England Rally.

1st - 3rd July 2005

Words and some pictures by Steve, other pics by Scott

This was my first experience of the Stoke Prior venue, having missed last years' rally, and I was very impressed with the site. Everything seemed appropriate for an event of this size - small enough to not feel empty, but large enough to avoid queueing for anything (with the exception of food - more about this later)


The entertainments budget had been significantly increased this year, and the difference was immediately apparent. I missed the Saturday music as I was working on the gate, but the Friday night band (Cracked Actors) were superb. Their website describes them as "Skunkrock" - not sure what this means, but they were excellent party music, and the dance floor was full all night.


... at a MAG event? Whatever next? Just a shame some folk find "no cars on the field" too complicated a concept. We've no problem with disabled campers having their cars on site, but being idle/ignornant isn't technically a disability.

The Usual Suspects Pissheads...

The Jane & Fergus Show...

Fergus wrote a fairly glowing report of this event for StreetBiker. Ta Ferg. As no good deed should go unpunished, here are some wobbly photo's from the end of Friday night.

MAG's new Vice Chair Jane also showed up, so it serves her right too.

A Special Tribute...

I'm not going to even attempt to caption these's too scary.


As mentioned before, the food trader was the one facility that was a bit overwhelmed - breakfast saw long queues on both days, which I could have done without on Saturday as I needed to kill a monster hangover. I've since found out that this was the traders very first rally, so I'll take back all the bad words I said. The food was excellent quality (and lots of it), a good price and perfectly cooked - the speed will obviously get better with practice. So good marks to Spider and his crew (just buy a bigger frying pan, please!)


Thanks go to Sue from the Roadhouse for organising the bands for us. Also a big "ta-very-much" to Phil Poyner who collected the raffle prizes for this event. A list of the donors will follow shortly.

Thanks to the "Past-Its" for marhsalling the field for us, also to everyone else who helped out - we had more marshals this year than we've had for ages, and it made everything a lot more enjoyable for everyone...please come again!

No Thanks...

Shame to end on a downer, but a very small number of people went out of their way to try and spoil this weekend.

So, if you were one of the idiots who tried to start a fight in the bar on Saturday night, or the idiot who thought letting their kids race up and down the field on a large car-engined trike all weekend was acceptable behaviour, please stay away next year.

I don't like to repeat myself, but you are not welcome. We would rather have a smaller rally with a better atmosphere than have to suffer your presence again.

I refuse to end on a negative...

... so I'll just mention that we had a whipround on Saturday night for the Farmyard Marshals Appeal, raising over 140. Thanks for all being so generous.