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since 04.04.2000

The Heart Of England Run/Rally.

Some bikes at the HOE run a few years back

The Heart Of England Run/Rally takes place each summer (usually in July). It consists of the usual rally stuff (drinking, talking, a bit of shopping, more drinking, etc.) and a demo run on the Saturday.

The run starts at Longbridge (near the Rover Plant - or where it used to be if they've demolished it by the time you read this!!). It used to end up in Centenary Square, but this year will finish at the Sandwell Council Offices in Oldbury - this is recognition of the involvement Sandwell MBC have had in producing the Strategy For Powered Two Wheelers document.

The purpose of the run is to raise awareness of MAG and motorcycles in general. Several thousand bikes locking up the whole of Brum City Centre for several hours does mean they can't really ignore us - at least for that one day of the year!!

Some more bikes at the HOE run a few years back

The run is very well organised, with the support of loads of Police motorcyclists. It's an odd experience to have 3 bike-cops waving you through a red traffic light, whilst holding up the traffic for you!

If you've never done this run before, it's definitely worth a go.

Some nutters at the HOE run a few years back!!