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since 04.04.2000

Heart Of England Rally & Demo.

30th June - 2nd July 2000

Pictures from the Demo Run can be seen here

Words by Deb.

The venue for this years HoE was Droitwich Rugby Club, approx 25 miles from home a reasonable journey from home precluding the need to take the day off work. Nigel actually beat us this week and and was ready before us! Got to the site around 9pm, after being overtaken on the motorway by Mick and Dean. An excellent flat site with a clubhouse and therefore proper loos and hot water, a bar and catering staff producing good value hot food. (e.g. Chips - 80p, Hot Dogs - 1.30, Bacon Rolls - 80p) The bar closed at 11pm but this didn't seem to be a problem as cans were available afterwards.

Despite racing past us on the motorway Mick and Dean were slowed down a bit by their tent which had managed to turn itself inside out in the bag?! - still Bod and the bloke from Tamworth camping came to the rescue. Another note to add about this site - Nigel was impressed that the ground was so hard he managed to straighten his tent pegs! After doing his good deed for the day Bod changed into his 'evening wear' - dance anyone? Tony perhaps?!!

There seemed to be a better turnout of stalls from what I can remember from past years - including a tatooist/body piercer, leather goods, and other novelty items stalls (the one selling jewellery and coloured hairspray proved to be very popular with my daughter Kate and her friend Sarah, they managed to spend all the money I gave them and then came grovelling for food money!!! KIDS)

The club had a good sized bar, which would have been a godsend if the weather had got any worse. Nigel wasn't too happy about the beer served - but he is a bit of a connoisseur. The prices seemed reasonable and the bar staff seemed to be happy. Me and Steve were happy though - our mere mortal tastebuds were happy with Grolsch and some dodgy alcopop called Mad Cow (appropriate perhaps?!!). The club was pretty indestructable, tiled floors and solid furniture - so I don't think anyone managed to do any damage, which has got to be good for our reputation, and the amount of booze sold has got to have made the rugby club happy.

If we had one complaint it was that the band tent was too close to the double doors of the bar. You either had to be in the bar, in the band tent or outside both. If the band tent had been put further back (and there was plenty of room) and perhaps one side was opened up then everything would have been accessible to everyone. On the other hand people might have found it nice to have the choice of where to go instead of all being hearded together in one big tent as in past years.

On the plus side it was nice to have some hard standing outside instead of being knee deep in mud like at some rallies. The BBQ proved to be the ideal leaning post for BCMAG members. Please note the rare footage of a smug looking webmaster with a very jolly looking Bod and slightly vacant Nigel (not so rare!).

It was nice to meet two new recent members to BCMAG - Paul and Estelle. New to the meetings last week and already at a rally. It seems that all the efforts of spreading the word about BCMAG are being rewarded and the group is really growing. I understand that even more contacts and positve feedback came out of this weekend - keep up the good work it is appreciated. BUT what is that Nigel doing - is he trying to contact his people and spread the word to another galaxy?!!

He might have moaned about the beer but it certainly had some sort of effect, and what did they put in that 'Mad Cow' - I thought it was vodka not some extract of BSE!!!

The field filled out on Saturday after the demo run, it was just the right size field for a smallish rally in that we weren't too spread out into isolated little groups.

Kate and Sarah seemed to enjoy themselves. It was Sarah's first rally and she did think the place was full of weirdos - I took this to be a compliment! The girls seemed to be auditioning for the new Charlies Angels!!! - You need bigger hair girls!!!

This site and rally proved to be very popular and suitable for families with kids of all ages. I know not all people like kids at rallies, but to promote motorcycling well into this century we need to to involve all those bikers with families and their kids as well. I wouldn't want kids at all rallies myself - well not mine anyway, thirteen yearolds just moan far too much, and cost too much, but I do like the opportunity to be able to involve my daughter. Bike rallies always seem to be one of the safest places to take kids for a weekend - I've never worried about Kate at one of these and its nice for the kids to be afforded a certain amount of freedom which is rare these days. Bikers should be proud of this.

A sample of some of the more eye catching machines on the field


We thought this was an excellent venue. The flat, firm field was ideal for camping and providing the bikes with firm standing. The parking was secure for cars. The facilities in the rugby club were of an excellent standard (the sinks in the loos had very hot water and were clean enough for one bloke to be able to sort out his contact lenses - it must be rare for him to be able to see on his way home after a rally!). The food and drink were good value. The site was excellent for famillies and ideal for wheelchairs - the club also had a disabled loo. It would be a shame if this site was shunned next year because there were some questions raised about the atmosphere. REPOSITION THE BAND TENT - don't exclude families and those in wheelchairs. We're a 21st century organisation if we want to continue to grow we can't afford to alienate anyone, we need to continue to promote ourselves in the most positive light. MAG is more than a camping club for boozy, crusty bikers. More might have realised this if they'd bothered to turn up and listen to the speeches after the demo run (instead of going straight to the pub) - HAD THIS BEEN PROMOTED AS PART OF THE EVENT? IF NOT WHY NOT? (I did overhear one couple commenting that they didn't know the run was that long and going to Oldbury). BCMAG is based in Sandwell and has been invloved with the Sandwell Strategy so we all knew - but what about those other West Mids groups? So put the effort in and go to London on Saturday 22nd July - HELP US MAKE OUR VOICE HEARD!!! - DEB.
You can read Bod's write-up on the Moonshiners site here.