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since 04.04.2000

Isle Of Man TT 2000.

Our 'On Location' reporter has found time between riding his bike, getting drunk, and sleeping late to send us the following words and pictures direct from the Island:

Saturday, 3rd June 2000

Hi all,

OK - actually got out on the island for a few little rides today!

Today saw the Formula 1 race - you probably know who won, so I won't talk about that, and the sidecar race.

Practice has been a problem for the racers - last night the practice for the sidecars was reduced because of a bad accident up on the mountain and zero visibility - the sidecars were allowed up to Ramsey, where they were all black flagged and escorted in convoy back over the mountain. The morning practice went OK though.

Today I hoicked the bike out of the garage and took a trip up to Brandywell by a back route to watch the F1, after a little spectate at the bottom of Bray hill - photos of both included.

Last night saw us over at Bradden Bridge for the sidecar practice. Again - photo's inc.

The camera is useable, but I wish it was manual focus - also panning shots are a bit of a bugger when you can't choose the shutter speed.

Roads here are BUMPY - my nuts are still throbbing from the ride earlier - and we weren't even in a hurry!

Our reporter, the Smurf!

Enjoy the pics,

Especially the one of me in the silly hat!


Monday, 5th June 2000
Hi all,

A few photos from around the island that do not fit into any other catagory.

Everyone should have sequential plates! Far too much cash!

We have a couple of MV Augusta's - with matching number plates we found outside the house. One is a standard one, the other had titanium nitrided forks, a better shock, all the plastics replaced with carbon fibre, etc. About 5 thousand extra for the forks - dunno about the rest..... Those things have radial valves - sloped cam lobes and other complications abound.

The green one is a Bennelli 750 - radiator under the seat and cute little fans to expel hot air when not moving - not yet released into production yet - perhaps the first one on a road in the UK?

The weird one is a custom Guzzi single. Look closely and you can see the indicators on the handlebar weights. Home made frame, just spoilt by the battery on the pillion seat. Mind you he did ride it from Germany!

The last one I might have included before, but it is here for completeness - A Kwak Z1000 I think, with a neat turbo application and alloy swingarm.

I'll keep my eyes open for more in the next few days.