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Jules has sent through this picture of her first bike, and asked for it to be added to her site.

It does not matter how many bikes you have, or what they are, the first must be special - and never forgotten (I'm still referring to bikes).

What we need, now, is a few words of explanation to go with each of the other beautiful bikes on this page.

All members are invited to write something about themselves or their bikes for their members page. If this doesn't happen, the webmaster reserves the right to make stuff up (you've been warned!)

The Honda RVF 400 was my second bike, but after a year of sore wrists, shoulders and neck I finally decided to trade it in for my dream bike, V-Star Custom.

The pic of me on the camel shows my mode of transport in Tunisia in May 2005 - think I'll stick to my bike!!!

This is Juliana's new pride and joy. She's called The Mistress and she's a V-Star 1100 Custom.

Thanks, Jules, for sending through the notes for the other pictures on this page. Hopefully, others will do the same ... how about it?

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